The World's Largest Dogs

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The Strongest Dog in the World

I've seen the world's smallest dogs before lots of time on TV, but....
This is the first time I had the chance to see the world's largest dogs.

This reminds me of how Mickey hugs Pluto.

Dog's Tale - Taller than a man.

These 2 dogs could actually squeeze grandma off her chair if they decided to.

Same case, the girl's at the dogs' mercy.

Posing for camera, and squeezing itself to fit on the sofa.

"The only reason why I feed you guys is because I dont wanna be your food. I love you guys!"

And I'll end it with my favourite Largest Dog of the World. Nuff said.

Have a good time everyone~


aclj87 said…
OMG! I sooo want one!!! Just hope they don't go Cujo on me though!
JJ Jason said…
My gosh!!!!!
SO HUGE!!!!!!!!
i will run away if i see them from far away
Anonymous said…
I have seen some massive dogs on this website, but I d have to admit that my cousin's dog from Argentina beats them all. I ve encouraged him to let the Guiness people see the true magnificence. If the dog is not the size of a horse its certainly not the smallest,measuring 170 cm in height, and enormous 465 kg. Yes, this dog is ridable. My teenage nephew did it. What amazes me is the amount of food this animal consumes. 20 kg of fresh beef a day. I dont need to go into the details of the size of its poo
Seizhin said…
Hmm, sounds very interesting. Would you mind if I request for the picture of the dog and all related information to enable me to post it in my blog?

Please email them to

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
I've always wanted a wofhound but never realized just how huge the dang things were.
Rafi said…
Hi Seizhin, did that person send you pictures of the dog? If they did can email them to me please?

My email is

Thank you
Seizhin said…
Unfortunately, no, I 've been waiting for it for quite a while but there hasnt been any interesting mail of the topic being send to me.
Anonymous said…
what kind is LAST DOG I WANT ONE?
Whitney said…
I'm pretty sure the last adorable dog is a Caucasian Mountain Dog. :)

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