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09 March 09 - Work & Daily Life

It's been getting busier.. I'm preparing for for the relocation on September. It troubles me to no end, but my heart just cant stop making me feel uneasy. Been in the present pharmacy for years, from 7.30am till 5pm (or more), almost everyday, or you can call it everyday. There's a feeling that wants to run away, I wanna fly out of the place, to seek for salvation. When the clouds are gloomy, the whole city is dark, only a pair of wing could lift me high enough to run out from the ruins, left by the elders. Upon reaching home, there are things that I must see. It's Evolution Capital (E)'s annual record of 08 is out. I'm not an expert in financial records, but I just had to read it. Another 2 hours is gone.. Minus the time I spent while doing something else. Not forgetting the little flower there is in my bag. I love the smell of a rose, the scent really does rejuvenates you. Too bad it'll wither soon, similar to that of our life. Haha why am I writing this i

09 Mar 24 - すばらしきこのせかい + The World Ends with You

------------------------------------------------------------------------ すばらしきこのせかい + The World Ends with You / SQUARE ENIX MUSIC BGMで「Three Minutes Clapping -Live-」が流れています。「インフォメーション」にはカウントダウンが表示されていますが、近日公開されるようです。「Twister -That Power is Yet Unknown-」「Calling -1960s-」「オーパーツ -Give me a chance-」を試聴することができます。 トラックリストは以下のとおりです。 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I once mentioned of planning to get the rearrange of the Subarashiki's OST (The World End With You). Anyways, I got what I wants, here's the track in it. 01.Twister -Original ver- 02.Calling -1960s- 03.Give Me All Your Love -All my love- 04.Long Dream -1980s- 05.サムデイ -Unplugged- 06.Make or Break -Black box- 07.Game Over -Busy Dizzy and Lazy- 08.オーパーツ -Give me a chance- 09.ハイブリッド -New born- 10.Twister -That Power is Yet Unknown- 11.Déjà vu 12.Transformation 13.Three Minutes Clapping 14.Twister-Gang-Mix 15.The One Star 16.OWARI-HAJIMARI 17.Three Minutes Clapping -Live- 18.Transformati

09 Mar 22 - Project ANJ0903

The Oriental Pharma Co., LTD. had started a project based on the test subject. The project name is Project ANJ0903 we had a total of 5 participants in the Research. The location for the research center is the Herbal Research and Development Center , Prince of Songkhla University . (For those who are wondering, the GreenTech Lab is in Pattalung, 3 hours drive from Hat Yai, it's impossible to drive to and fro every 2-3 days for the research.) I'm not directly in the Research Group, nor am I directly in the Chemistry and Research line, but I had to be on the team, not for direction, but rather to coordinate the team with the Marketeer. (On honest truth, there's almost nothing to coordinate with, the Team is fine on their own with a bunch of talented Scientists!) It's nice to be in a cold, and cloudy day, but it's a trouble if you need the sunlight.. Freshly plucked from an 18-rai field , it'll take usually another 2-3 days for the flowers to bloom again. We di

09 Mar 17 - Resident Evil 5 Theme Song (Pray) Oulimata Niang

Capcom went to a personal studio called " Little Box ", to compose the Resident Evil 5 theme track "Pray", with Vocalist Oulimata Niang. The Making of Resident Evil 5, RE5 Collector's Edition Bonus Disk(PS3). Copyright 2008-2009 Capcom, Just Cause productions and Sony Computer Entertainment. -------------------------------------------------------- It's sang by Oulimata Niang , her voice is... priceless, I closed my eyes while listening to " Pray " and I feel so "free.." it's a bliss.. Recommended! ---------------------------------------------- Here's the Lyric of it: When dark days came to us, We found no haven or escape. All our prayers go unanswered, to take away this fear within. Our screams shake this tear-stained land. Our souls have been stripped bare. Can madness be the only cure? Even death is no respite from all this pain, our worldly plight. When will we see heaven's light? I think of you whenever a bell tolls. If I

09 Mar 16 - Resident Evil 5 Soundtrack

I finished the game last night, thanks to Phloy, Nad and my bro who helped me to clear the game. Special thanks to Phloy who sacrifices to her time and even stayed in my room all night yesterday to figure out how to kill Uroboros Wesker . (And ended up having to stay in our house) Now we're planning to order the Biohazard 5 Original Soundtrack from Yes-asia but we first hope to hear the preview of the OST album . A few that made us feel like getting it would include: - Wesker Battle "Wind of Madness" - Final Wesker " Deep Ambition" - Theme "Pray" Anyways, I'd do some cover up in a few days "if" I have some extra time. Back to work, cheers!

09 Mar 15 - Shooting an Arrow with Foot

------------------------------------------------------------------- She sent him to jail for rape; now they’re friends DNA evidence exonerated him; today they’re co-authors fighting for justice. - Click above for link This is a story worth reading, and I'd like people to read it as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Ahh been so busy.. It's not only about work where there are a lot of customers from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, but it's also about our new company where I can only devote part of myself to it. But of course, that doesnt mean that I'm not opening myself for new business opportunities or some funs, do contact if you miss me. PS: How many archers can shoot an arrow with their legs instead of their hands? Hands up!

09 Mar 09 - Lab Coats

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Chinese Grade 2 Students Had To Finish this test in 2 minu tes! What about you? Think you can do it? Frog Leap Test <--- Click on the Link ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Side Note: I'm no fan of T-Virus or those G-Virus, but it's one of the few games that I plays.. Had been on this for 3 days so far, an hour or two per day.. Figures why I once stopped playing games, especially the one on the Playstation 3.. Resident Evil 5 had really consumed much of my time. Not to mention how much work I have to do. --- Had been wearing these for quite a few years already... Both in class and in work. It does look nice, and 'cool' at first, but soon enough, with the hot weather plus all the work, white coats are always vulnerable to dirt.. It's a problem to wash them out, and sometimes, you just cant wash them out. Well I guess nothing can be said, coats are there to

09 Mar 05 - Red Shirt Mob

Taken from Manager Online. Anyways, a few friends really did went to support Thaksin and his crews in Bangkok. It's bed time, I dont wanna work while half-asleep tomorrow so I'll go no further.