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08 Oct 30 - Twister -Gang-Mix

This is a lyric that's been pretty much in my mind for weeks, it comes from the Subarashi kono Sekai (すばらしこのせかい) Title: Twister -Gang- Mix "Brain wave, main wave" Psycho got a high kick Collect and select Show me your best set "Crystals, blisters" It's all over now Psycho cane You're so keen I need more candy canes "Cold cake, cold break" Freak got a high kick Mr. Twister Moist with roistering Stick it up Take it up Step aside and see the world Effect has defects "Take a bow to the moon (Bow-wow to the moon)" "Morning rays, Hairspray Queens" "Get on their way to their nests, the west" "Honest, they once had a dream" "Belles of society, in the shells of their unity" Cornet'n spinet "The sound flows, follows till they're home" Dragged by the power of dreams That power is yet unknown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I dont think

08 Oct 26 - McCain-Obama Dance Off

Wanna see McCain and Obama in a dance slam-off? Take a look here! MiniMovie Channel - McCain-Obama Dance Off Movie Title: McCain-Obama Dance-Off Synopsis: There's only one place that the election should be decided ... the dance floor! America: IT'S ON!

08 Oct 24 - Old Car, New Car

For one of the thing that I've been busy about this month was having to change our car. It's not really a big deal, and our old Mitsubishi Strada is still on top shape (except for some scratch here and there) but we had to make the decision because we cannot extend the license for it. The new Thai law forbids an ownership of a pick-up car with plug-in that exceeds a certain weight. Our old car exceeded the weight due to the " carry boy " thinggy on it's back (the back roof is an additional plug-in). There is, of course, another way around.. but Mom came to the other decision. Anyways, this is our new Honda Jazz . It's easier to drive compared to the big, large, manual-drive type car, and I must admit that it's not too bad. Though I miss our old car though.. ahh.

08 Oct 24 - Busy~

I've been quite busy, co-worker was absent for a few days and things had been pretty stressing. World economy, internal and external problem, ah. Luckily, we're expecting to finally launch for our new biz, Oriental Pharma Co., LTD. Together with 6 other entrepreneurs, we hope to be able to distribute quality drugs throughout the world. Cheers!

08 Oct 20 - Best Sleeping Position

Was reading an article, and I found it to be quite interesting. Summarizing the whole topic: Anyways, the best sleeping position is shown above. Doctors from the Sirirhaj Hospital advises us to sleep on our right side for a better blood-flow control, which enables us to sleep better. We humans spends 1/3 of our life sleeping, and it's necessary for us to sleep in the right way, doing so would prevent back-ache or any other muscle spasm . Sleeping 'down' (facing down) is the primary source which damages you chest, resulting pain and chest-aches in the morning and also makes it more difficult for you to breathe, thus isnt recommended at all. - Cant really translate all, but if anyone really want a complete detail, please do leave a comment as I'll find the right time to do it next time- Cheers.

08 Oct 13 - Bangkok Bank (BBL) Demonstration

About a few days ago, I was invited to the ' little ' demonstration. Bangkok Bank Public Limited had invited a few of their customers to demonstrate of the branch's security system , which would include how they would react to situations such as fire and so on. They also includes themselves in a demonstration of the danger of using ' water ' to put out fire which was caused by oils . ( Mr. Thanavong Sangkharatt , the GM of the Bank's Branch directly supervised the demonstration. ) The demonstration was supposed to take less than 15minutes , but due to the strong wind, it took more time to heat the oil up. The climax is here. When the guard (on the right) pours water into the burning frying pan filled with oils to put out the fire, the whole area erupted. Bangkok Bank had expressed their concern for housewives to avoid putting out a fire caused by liquid this way, and that 'sands ' would be more effective and less dangerous in the situation.

08 Oct 09 - Picture of Protesters and Police mob

These pictures were taken from AP and other sources, or even personal friends. There were tons of pictures of this, but I'll post the interesting pictures. I'll keep this brief: The Stock Exchange of Thailand had plunged for more than 40% ever since the PAD started their demonstration. During the dispersal, police claimed that all they was using was Tear Gas , however.. There were some 'shotgun' like equipments on their back. Some said it was a Pressure Rubber Shotgun , some said it was a real Shotgun . During the dispersal, the police was 'thowing ' something ' on the protesters. PAD believes that it was a Grenade , while other facts said it might be a Tear Gas Grenade . Now now, lastly comes of when the police were in action with their weapon, an expert said that an Active-Pressure Shotgun can be equipped with other bullets other than the Rubber Shells . Facts said that the Rubber Shells can only be used from a 30m distance , but this picture clear

08 Oct 07 - Protesters Seized Parliament

Following the event of where Thai Protesters illegally seized National TV Station . First, Thai have problem with Cambodia . Secondly, the domino of sub-prime is also affecting Thailand's economy . The Stock Market plunged, and here we see Mr. Bear again. Thirdly, we have this so called " PAD " or the Protesters who do illegal things on the claim that the government are also ' illegally ' elected. (Confrontation between the Government Supporter and the Anti-Government Mob was in Bangkok , funny thing is, Malaysian's Newspaper , The Star , mentioned that it happened in Hat Yai . Are they stupid or doing it in purpose of misleading the readers? ) On Sunday, one of the highest PAD leader who had a warrant of arrest purposely led himself out of his hideout and lured the police to arrest him . This obviously is a strategy to gather more Protesters to do their dirty work. The reason why they had to do this , is that the verdict from the Highest Court

08 Oct 06 - World Economy, and Thailand

Dow Jone Falls below 10,000 lowest in 4 years! All investors sure is taking a quick look at this. I'm one of them, surely blue chips are falling down quickly, now what? Oh and, just an hour ago, the protesters in Bangkok had seized an important area and declared that the government will be driven out. It's illegal isnt it? Blocking roads and disabling the government officials to work. Thailand has gone dow n from a fail to a rotten Kingdom .

08 Oct 03 : Apple Denies Steve Jobs Heart Attack Report: It Is Not True

Taken from Yahoo Finanace! Cant say how serious this is, but anyways, it's just something that caught my eyes while browsing through the history and watching the movement of the DJIA on the lower Congress Bailout. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Citizen journalism" apparently just failed its first significant test. A CNN iReport poster reported this morning that Steve Jobs had been rushed to the ER after a severe heart attack. Fortunately, it appears the story was false. We contacted an Apple spokeswoman, who categorically denied it. CNN's iReport kept the report up until at least 10:15 AM, about 20 minutes after we published Apple's denial. The story has since been removed. Immediately after reading the iReport story, we contacted Apple . Katie Cotton, Vice President of Worldwide Communications, replied quickly, saying "It is not true." Twitter is abuzz. Apple's stock also took a major h

08 Oct 03 : DA VINCI CODE - Chinese Version (ข้างบ้าน)

*** PRESS Ctrl+a , you may see something *** I received this from a friendly email a month ago. Actually, I've been trying to figure this for a month but I still have no clue, any idea guys? I fail to see anything here. Cheers~