Had Yai Buddism Offering 19, August 2007 6.00am

I myself wonders why the pictures I took arent straight.

We was asked to announced about this ever since 2 weeks ago.
And so if for some reason you cant see the picture properly.

Date : 19, August 2007 (Sunday)
Location : Niphat-uthit 3 Rd, Had Yai, Songkhla.
Time : 6.00am

There will be gathering to offer some "food, clothes, or anything useful" to monks.

An event that'll be held by various of National Community and they are inviting internationals monks from the nearby areas as well.

In case you're wondering, there will be around 2,000 monks and more than 10,000 people are expected to attend the event as well.

The area of the event is in the center of the city, very near our famous hotels, 5-Star Central Hotel and 4-Star Lee Garden Hotel, many tourists are also residing in the area which is the most popular area among tourists for "pubbing" or the "chick" hunt.

Tourists should get a picture of this if you're still in Had Yai by next week, these events arent held easily.



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