Had Yai's Cultivation Event 10th - 19th August

I'm planning to travel to Philipin next year, anyone ever been to Philipin ?
Mind sharing your experience with me ? ^^

Side Note : boo Thai shares keeps dropping.


I was invited before the event was held, but I had no time to visit there until Monday the 13th.

The exhibition, was surprisingly huge !

Compared to what I've seen, this is totally different, even the Southern Computer Fair isnt as big as this !!

The exhibition is held at The University of Prince Songhklanakkarin, I'm unsure what zone it's called, it's just the opposite of "108 Gate." (A famous food zone)

The University of Prince Songkhla is very large, with a huge compound, and around 100+ buildings, including Universities, Hospitals, Sport Clubs, and others, thus reason why most important events are held here. Considered the Southern Capital Hospital and the Biggest University in Southern Region.

Anyways, I went there with my Mom after my work's over, at 6pm.

We "had" to find a place to park our car outside the University Compound as the car parks inside are full.. Thus, I had the opportunity to pass this "1337 School" .

(Arent clear, we're not close to the pavement)

A new school that had partially opened, I heard the monthly term is quite expensive. Now that wasnt my purpose, we're still looking for a car park.

Finally we found a place to park our car, about 4 km from the Exhibition Location. As if we wanna park there.

By the time we reached the area, it was 7.10pm or something, and the sun's already at the other side of the world.

We walked through the animal zone, then we head straight into the food zone to find a good spot to cam whore.
My Mom forbids me to take picture while we're at animal zone and food zone as there's too many people squeezing us left and right.

Zone 1 :

It was around 7pm, but there are still people picnic-ing in front of the spot. Girls and guys, guys and girls, families and families..

(Where's the flash?)
No flash allowed, they'll kick me.

The first zone is opposite the retired Enquiry section.

After walking blindly, here and there, getting lost for minutes, we found the life-safer..

After a slight look at the map, we're actually pretty close to the "Farm" zone, so we decided to give them a visit.

Zone 2 :

Wee~ Mr Black Cow's Ranch.

I was wondering if I could use flash here, but I just decided to do so... Luckily it seems calm, maybe it's used to it.

("Come on, look here Mr Cow.")

Not a good shot but I guess this is good enough.
Just opposite the cow's ranch, there are goat's ranchs are well, but I couldnt find a single goat lurking outside. Thus I decided not to take any pictures.

We walked further East and came across,

Zone 3 :

(Translated as : The Green Well)

(Woo let me in the camera)
I dont know who the woman is..

Notice the tangling vegetables ? They're real.. and I'm pretty sure most of them has been stolen (Even with dozens of officers around).
This is another way for farmers to farm their vegetable, I heard these are a new species and doesnt require as much care as the original one does.

Zone 4 :

(Again, these are real fruits.. red ants lurking inside, so I dare not touch them)

More to a study zone, officers here explains the basic and the cons and pros in using Palm oil instead of petrols as well as how to raise these Palm Oils.
I noticed that this zone focuses more on farmers than students.

Tired, exhausted as I am, Mom bought cheap batik for sewing purpose, while I'm the one who carries them... Obviously, these batik are pretty heavy..
We passed the entertainment zone.

Zone 5 :

(Majority of teens came here and focuses here mostly, there are place to break dance, lots and lots of girls who wear very mini skirts. Dancers and stuff)

No sexy pics sorry, they might be sexy and beautiful, but I've no real interest... or maybe I'll take those pic for you guys next time.

Koyoti are inside, doesnt raise my interest to go near and photo them.

(Mr. Happy distributing free sweets. Thanks God it's night. Or he'll faint due to the heat.)

Again, we walked blindly to find the way out, I was very tired and already started ranting about how heavy these batik are..

Zone 6 - Flora Zone :

I was unlucky was we walked in the Flora zone. Mom always loved nature and trees.. so....

She took her time in enquiring those trees..

While we're in the car, I raised a topic about these trees, and we somehow found the same group of trees here. Mom really wants them, and I could rest and take some pictures of this.

I've no idea what they are called in English though.

(I wonder if these are the one that eats and devours mosquitoes.)

Mom bought 2 of these plants, and I was given 1 of them to carry.

Close to 9pm so far...

After passing the flora zone, we reaches the entrance where we came in from.. A good thing, so I dragged Mom out. As we hasnt had our dinner yet, Mom decided to buy food from the Gate 108 while I had the responsibility to carry most stuff to the car..

Honestly, I dont remember how far we parked the car. I kept walking for 10 minutes.. Realizing that I've walked far enough, I panicked and thought that our car's gone.

Had to -pathetically- walk around for quite a while before I decided to keep going forward. This really freaks me out and nearly got me crying..


We found our car..
It's really parked in a dangerous area, where there's no light, and no one would know if someone tries to pick your car's door from this side.

(I got my lesson... Rememeber where you park your car next time.)

Mom came 5min later and we went home.

I'm so tired...but maybe we'll come again on Saturday or Sunday, Mom still wanna buy Gold fishes from the "Animal" zone, and there are another half dozen of zones that we missed.

Tourists shouldnt miss the opportunity.


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