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11 Feb 27 - Phraewa N Ayutaya who crashes on van, killed 9 victims flipped the case

Today, 27 Feb 2011, Phraewa Thaephasadin N Ayotaya's faimly had announced on public that the girl's car did NOT crash on the van. Easily said, the Thaephasadin family said that Phraewa, (all evidence are clear that she crashes on the van) is innocent. What are the police doing? Where is Justice in Thailand? Money prevails? Money is everything in Thailand? BRING US JUSTICE!! Below are the pasted post of what I post last month. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Last year, 29th December, an accident occurred where an underage (or 18) years old girl who were driving under the influence of alcohol crashes on a van full of passengers on a high way. The girl were uninjured, however, van's passenger suffers heavy lost. 8 were instantly killed, roughly 3 flew from the high way to the bridge across, another 3 were trampled across the road, bleeding to death, while the other 2 died on the way to the hospital. What is intrigued me is, the girl who is th

11 Feb 08 - Bearish Bear

The SET Market have been very bearish, though the bull are still hiding somewhere. Regardless though, I've been busy with various works. I hope everything will still be alright. :)

11 Feb 1 - Phraewa crash, killed 9 people

Still no update, Phraewa is living a luxury life outside jail despite the fact that she crashes and killed 9 people. Those who died are the main support of their family. Phraewa's family paid 30,000 baht (Roughly $1,000) for the life of the dead (and not all), but doesnt apologize or accept her punishment. Thai Judicial system themselves shows mercy on Phraewa who got 9 people killed, no update, she is not caught instantly at the moment police found her but instead awaits for Phraewa's father to give the "release" order. Where is justice in Thailand? Shame! แพรวาอยู่ไหน ทำไมตำรวจยังไม่จับ ยังไม่สั่งฟ้อง ทำไมข่าวไม่ออก ทำไมคนตายไป 9 ศพไม่มีใครสนใจ? ประดทศไทยเป็นอะไรไป?