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2010 Sep 14 - Prince of Songkhla University Graduation Ceremony

Been 2 days.... Yesterday, and today, there are these graduation ceremony for the new graduates. I've been out for quite a while, but it does seem empty to me. I never feel much for graduation ceremony... unless of course, it's a friend's. But I dont stay there all day and take hundred pictures of myself.. Graduation was never an excitement for me, it's just another new start, however much.... I'm more concerned on the certificate I was getting, it's must more important than wearing a Graduation Dress and taking photos around.

10 Sep 07 - Streets of Hat Yai

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Our lab recently ordered for a cheaper quality microscope. You cant believe how many people carelessly uses important microscope and causes damage to it. Hopefully the coming lot will reduce the reparation fee that we have to deal as well as lens replacement fees. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been quite active on the streets of Sai 2 now. Basically, all the banking affairs are being held by me, thus making me pass through these the central Hat Yai daily. Although it seems busy, compared to the holiday season, it's still considered quiet by most vendors. Hotel rooms are cheap and available at months like this. :) Do consider to start reserving for hotel rooms this month or you will hardly find any on November.

10 Sept 01 - คุณหมอพรทิพย์ไปดังที่มาเลย์ คดีฆ่าโหดหนุ่มฝ่ายค้านมาเลเซีย

เป็นวิดีโอตอนการขึ้นศาล มาเล คดีความตายของ Teoh Beng Hock สามารถ อ่านได้ที่นี้: แต่สิงที่อยากให้ดูคือ: Malaysia's funniest and tragic court video (Part 1 of 8) มีทั้งหมด 8 ตอนนะจ้า ขอให้สนุก