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Oriental Pharma Co., Ltd. Booth Exhibition

Expos are one of the busiest time for any exhibitors. Not only there are many customers to take care of you meet many interesting people who'll share their awesome stories with you. The overwhelming response is due to the freebies the OrientalmPharma is giving away such as the famous herbal infusion tea used for slimming purpose, Fitne and many other products such as the expensive nourishment pill Pharmaton! It's a busy day, and we'll keep you updated!

AirAsia Beautiful and Cheerful Stewardess

I'm not fond of AirAsia due to the limitation such as 1 baggage per flight, etc. and I still prefer other budget flight, though one thing I have to admit is AirAsia has those liveliest and cheerful stewardess around. This is a flight on 17th December from Juanda Surabaya through AirAsia. She's a Malaysian stewardess during my recent flight from Surabaya to Kuala Lumpur. It was a 9pm flight and I can understand why she look so tired but she can still give a charming smile during my purchase. If you know her, do thanks her for making it a nice flight for me. :)