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Koh Tao Investigation for Myanmar Scapegoat

Report the witness list on Koh Tao murder case By: Ma Aye Aye Mar (Voice of America, Bangkok, Thailand) 27th December 2014 (08:29) /// Kho Tao special investigation committee backed by the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok submitted the list of 31 witness report and their evidential testimonies were sent to Kho Saumui provincial court on Friday on accused two young men for two Britons double murder case on Kho Tao island in Thailand. The provincial Judge allowed two foreign nationals to be testified requested by The Thai Lawyer Council. Ma Aye Aye Mar reported. Two young Britons were murdered on Kho Tao island where there busy tourists area in Thailand on last September 15th. Thai police accused two Burmese national young adults with 7 sentences including murder, and rape case. Two young Burmese men pledged not guilty on the case and they were forced to admit earlier because of threatening and being tortured during interrogation. So, the Myanmar embassy formed a special investigation team and

2014 - The year of big changes

Wow, so many things have changed over a period of 3 months. Getting married, moving out, having 2 dogs and expecting a baby soon. Career is improving and we're expecting great changes to come!