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30 Dec 07 - X-mas Dinner

Just a short entry, as I've been heavily attacked by fever, and having exposed myself to our pharmacy's huge fan everyday is stopping me from recovering. My boss had a wierd idea of going out for a dinner at the 24th Dec. Daily life has been tiring enough and even though I dont feel like going, it might be good to participate in a once-per-year event. So basically, we went to this restaurant that has a buffet system up. You pick what you want, then choose either to steam or cook them. You can even swallow it whole like what our grand master did, but according to the rumor, he end up visiting the toilet repeatedly. We went right to the restaurant after a simple preparation. The restaurant was located outside the central area, but the environment was clean. A very good place for a dinner. We arrived around 7.30pm, the perfect time for a dinner, and the restaurant full of customers. It's noticeable that most customers are working adults who either held a party here or celebrat

07 Dec 22 - Congrats to Wanna and Charinwid

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After a long chaotic political struggle, Thailand will finally have it's first Official Election tomorrow. Having been in a "military government" ever since the coup led by Sonthik Bunyaratkarin, every Thai citizen are looking forward to the election. As for me, I dont really care who became the government, all I hope for is for the country to be improved, from mediocrity, and for the ' Stock Exchange of Thailand ' to rise. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And so after another day of work, my Mom informed me that there's this personal invitation from her friend. It reads something like "We're happy to announce the wedding of Ms. Wanna and Mr. Charinwid. The wedding will be held at (blah blah blah)." The invitation was sent weeks before the actual event, however, as work was pretty tirin

07 Dec 19 - Koyoti Caught?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Stars did it again. They claimed that a dam in Thailand broke due to Thai government's bad management and causes Malaysia to be flooded. A complete bullshit as the dam couldnt hold anymore rain water and spilled, not 'pecah' as it was claimed by The Stars. The Star, has been exaggerating whatever negative incident in Thailand, including the ' suspicious bag ' case in Had Yai. It's a shame how a famous newspaper agency had to 'lie' to sell their news. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Thailand's Motor Show Expo several days ago, one of the exhibitor hired a Koyoti to entertain the guest. It is normal for Koyotis to go up the stage to dance. However, this time, the Koyoti seem to overdid it by performing a 'sexual' dance on the stage. This of course, instantly leads to the governme

07 Dec 15 - Fake Eggs, becareful what you eat now!

Beware! During a recent raid on a wholesale centre in Guangzhou city, the capital of China 's Guangdong province, a large quantity of fake eggs was seized. Their wholesale price is 0.15 yuan (S$0.03) each - half the price of a real egg. Consumers have a hard time telling a genuine egg from a f ake one. This is good news for unscrupulous entrepreneurs, who are even conducting three-day courses in the production of artificial eggs for less than S$150. A reporter with Hong Kong-based Chinese magazine East Week enrolled in one such course. To create egg white, the instructor - a woman in her 20s - used assorted ingredients such as gelatin, an unknown powder, benzoic acid, coagulating material and even alum, which is normally used for industrial processes. For egg yolk, some lemon-yellow colouring powder is mixed to a liquid and the concoction stirred. The liquid is then poured into a round-shaped plastic mould and mixed with so-called 'magic water', which

13 Dec 2007 - How Kangaroo fights.

Every one fights. Some fights are serious. (Happened in Thailand) Some are only for movies. Some goes with tongue fight. Even animals. But the good thing with animal fights are, they somehow looks cute. I always wondered how Kangaroo fights after being infected by imaginary thoughts of Kangaroo with boxing gloves, and while browsing through my mails, I found these. So now, at least I learned that Kangaroos knows how to 'headbutt' their opponent.

07 Dec 10 - Baby Soup?

Just a short update. A friend linked me to this blog. It was extremely gross and inhuman (I mean the post, not the blog owner). Apollo (Warning, enter at your own risk!)

07 Dec 09 : [Thailand] Father's Day

On the 5th December, Thai citizens celebrated their Father's Day according to King Bhumibol Adulyadej 's birthday. Only the sixth of his 61-year reign-- Ten thousand people wore pink and yellow shirt with the "royal emblem" to show their loyalty to the king. They camped around the Grand Palace in Bangkok where the King would made his public appearance from the balcony of his ceremonial Throne Hall. "Whether soldiers or civilians, (we) must be united, like our legs that must be united - which means one goes forward and one pushes back before moving forward.This way, we could walk without falling. Without unity, the country will face disaster." (Taken from AP's official site.) Although the actual birthday of the King was 5th December, King Bhumibol had started his birthday speech ever since 3rd December, expressing concern for the nation's unity and the chaotic political situation. The celebration went on for several days. The true unity is reflect

07 Dec 04 - A day before the King's Birthday

A picture of the King when he was allowed to leave the hospital. Tomorrow's supposed to be the King's Birthday and there should be a huge celebration everywhere. Downside : 'harus bekerja.' Well, gotta thanks my boss anyways. He recently visited Kuala Lumpur and decided to share us some of his cookies. I wonder how it taste.

2007-Dec-2 Explosion in Police Post in Prakchinburi

This is something that happened in Prakchinburi's police post. It happened on the 1st December 2007 on 8pm, yesterday. The culprit had yet to be caught and the police are working hard to find the culprit. I wonder what happened, there wasnt much details, but no one was injured.

07-Nov-27 Roy Krakthong Festival.

Alas, the Roy Krakthong Festival is finally here. I was really looking forward to the festival. There was several area in Had Yai where the festival is held, but for mine, I decided to go to the Prince of Songkhla University which is filled with University students who were celebrating the festival. I went to the area with my Mom after my work. I thought the events are already over as.. There were a lot of people walking to the exit, and obviously they're part of the festival as... They were carrying their 'decoration' out. When we reached the 'float' area, we felt lucky as the Roy Krakthong area is still filled with people, it seems that we arrived at the right time. The picture of King Bhumiphol, with a lot of Krakthongs in the pool. There was a sturdy and classical stone bridge, linking the road to the building, and those pictures are what you can see from left and right. The hall's filled with people, as well as several other interesting things. One of them