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Koh Tao murder case - Are the Burmese framed?

 A facebook activist demanded justice for the Burmese, CSI LA, the page claimed the Burmese were framed, which was what the world is aware of... Too bad Thai Police are corrupt.  Link:   The Burmese are Human Too Burmese embassy representative went to see two boys for more information.: Media interview and answer by embassy official. The Embassy officer said: "The two boys told him that they were swimming at beach near AC Bar and Maya Bar on that night, after 10 or 15 minutes, when they come back to the beach after swimming, they did not find their guitar and cloth on where they left. Somebody may be stolen their cloth and guitar. but on 14 Oct the police bring as evidence their cloth and guitar to the court. When police check DNA, they dont' check urine, that's means unlawful and not professional method, now police said again if someone disagree what