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Thai anti coup protest vs anti government protest

I rad somewhere, the anti government protestors took about 211 days in order to bring Yingluck (Thaksin's puppet government down.) During the period, very few violence occurred. As the government controlled the media, we recieved news of how violence these protestors are. Oddly, the reality revealed from Facebook and Twitter and other social medias are e opposite. The anti government protest was almost peaceful. With the recent coup in Thailand, journalist and reporters have been interested in the situation here, and it seems that the peaceful coup did not interest the media as much as the bad news, the violent anti coup protest. It had been going on for days, anti coup protestors were holding a violent protest, and that interests he public media. It's odd how violent news recieved more popularity than peaceful news. What in the World is going on ? Credit to journalist Michael Yon who had been following the situation here.

Letter to SecState John Kerry from Joe Creitz


Coup in Thailand - Curfew 22nd May 2014

Latest updated status on the coup, no citizens may be outside from 22:00 - 05:00. Even the 24 hours 7-11 are closed. Latest announcement, number 9:All government office including schools and universities closes from 23th May 2014 - 25th May 2014.

Thailand military stages coup

It's official, stages coups at 16:30 Well, there are no civil war here, it may affect Thailand's image at the moment, but everything is very much normal everywhere except for government supporter and anti government supporter. As an expat, I don't like this. The stock market is gonna fall.

Red Moon

Saw red moon tonight. Beautiful... I was driving so I couldnt take a picture, but it reminds me of, blood red...