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10 Jan 27 - Only in Thailand can you see a moving Temple

I've been so busy with work and my medical study.. Work, on the other hand has cooled down, but it isnt a good thing, as I'm quite "free" to sacrifice the work time to do something else. Of course, there's also problem with the internal management, but nothing serious. Oh, have you seen this before? Every year, there's always these Temple Charity Festival in Thailand. Monks and the likes will be out to request for donation. Generally, each temple 'design' their car into a temple-like image, and the monk assigned to the task, shall sit in the back of the car to make it feel like a "moving temple." I think I have a closer view of other type of moving temple, I'll post them if I could find it out soon. Cheers!

10 Jan 22 - Haiti Earthquake, Agony, New Life

------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few days ago, there were a big conference between the Allianz members and committee in Hat Yai . A few of my loving girlfriends and boyfriends attended the event, nice time chatting, having fun, making out.. But I've to face with more work piling on my desk arr.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- By now, all of us should have heard of the drastic quake which happened in Haitii.. I'm expressing my deepest condolence to the Haitiis. I wish I could do more for the Haitiis..

10 Jan 08 - Teens turn into DNA detectives

As one who'll also be in the DNA Reconstructing Course for my Medical Degree soon, this news caught my attention. --------------------------------------------------------------- When high-school students did an inventory of the DNA in their o wn homes, they were amazed to find lots of mislabeled food products, a pesky invasive species ... and what appears to be a new breed of cockroach. "The idea was to explore our environment through the lens of DNA," Mat t Cost, an 18-year-old senior at Manhattan's Trinity School, told me. The experiment turned up more than 150 usable DNA fingerprints, found in common items ranging from apartment-building bugs to a feather duster. The real detective work came into play when Cost and his 17-year-old classmate, Brenda Tan, matched the DNA code against a couple of publicly available databases for animal species. They found out that an expensive brand of sheep's-milk cheese was actually made from cow's milk, that "sturge

10 Jan 04 - Hat Yai New Year Countdown 2010

Been busy with retaking the examination for Medical Course, while at the same time extending my pharmaceutical line further. It's even worse when your work place generally tried to 'pin' you down to serve them forever, of course, amidst the confusion and the backstabbing, I do appreciate that they are far more sincere than most employers are. Regardless, I did participate in Sri Buanarch's Countdown Party 2010. A few pictures to share around.. I left as soon as it's countdown, and there are a few 'restricted' pictures, but yep, it sure is a celebration. I hardly had time for myself now, and hopefully, I can do something about it. :) Happy New Year 2010, I hope your wishes and resolution come true!!