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08 May 30 - The people of the past?

We rely on cars and electricity now. Little did we realize that the people of the past still exists in this world. I found this news to be 'very' interesting, thus I'd like to share this with everyone. Yahoo! News : Rare uncontacted tribe photographed in Amazon For more pictures: Rare uncontacted tribe pictures in Amazon While we're in these world of economy, science and technology, there are people who are living at peace with their spear and bows. Wouldnt you want to think more for Mother Nature now?

08 May 29 - Help China from the Earthquake!

About a week ago, I had a scheduled meetings with the members in a Restaurant in the area next to Lee Garden Plaza Hotel. It was around 6pm when I reached the area, was a bit free to take pictures of the shopping district. Now, while I was walking around to kill time, I noticed something interesting. Now I'm talking about the group of 8 people in the yellow shirt. I've seen them earlier in the morning but I'd never expect them to be here, at around 6.30pm. The banner and sign they were holding consisted of 2 language, Thai and Chinese, and they were requesting donation to help the Chinese who suffered from the Earthquake in the mainland. I've decided to take a closer look and do the best that I can to contribute to our fellow Chinese in the mainland, and hopefully, the little help would be able to at least help them to survive the ordeal.

08 May 26 - SET Fell due to the political idiocy

One of the worst day of 2008 for me, I feel really ' tulan ' now. The Stock Exchange of Thailand fell for more than 2% which affects me directly. Reason? I dont blame oil price , but the primary concern was due to what the people who hunger for power and the anti-Thaksin coalition. Ever since " Thaksin set foot in his Homeland ", there were some people who were afraid of his money and had tried to drive him back into an outcast. Well, so if you wonder, yesterday was the night for the anti-Thaksin to start a huge coalition movements and had gone around rampaging around Bangkok . Hitting citizens who oppose their idea with weapons and even resisted against the policemen who tried to re-establish order in the area. To sum it all: Thailand had entered into another political crisis situation!

08 May 25 - Playstation 3 and Devil May Cry 4

I was hesitating for this entry but here we go anyways. I've not much free time nowdays, and whenever I do, I would feel bored and tend to find something to do. I dont play much games nowdays but games was always my way to kill the occasional free time I have. About a month ago , my brother decided to ' invest ' in a Playstation 3 . (The infamous PS 3 . This thing really drills a hole in your pocket you know.) It was surprisingly bigger in size than when it was advertised for. Cant play a game without a console without a game eh? So he got himself 2 games for the PS 3 . (Who's this guy in front of Dante ?) I didnt have much interest in the other game, Heavenly Sword. ( part of the reason was because we're both stuck in a stage where none of us could accomplish the objective ) But personally, I've played all of the DMC series, and I've been looking forward to the latest of the Devil May Cry series. Obviously, the first I'll do is to watch the tra

08 May 20 - When picking up your handphone..

Something new a friend told me, this is very interesting. Please remember, use your left ear, not the right one. Cheers.

08 May 16 - The Name of the Past

Just a short entry, but is quite something to me. I was back from work, and had to check out the market today, and I glanced upon this: Best Place to Live <----- Click there Recently, I've been reminiscing of the past of what happened when I was in the Junior school . It didnt take long before I couldnt get it out of my head and started day-dreaming again. Although it's just her name , but I'm intrigued at how I've tied myself to her for more than 10 years . Sigh. Some might be familiar with this phenomena, as (although rare) I've mentioned her several before. For us , we believe that it's possible , and whether it's an illusion or not , I'll still take the chance to be with her once again .

08 May 15 - Problems with Mail

Been busy with personal stuff for quite sometime , and since I'm free only after 5 in the evening , it's hard to attend a scheduled meeting with members at 7 . Regardless, I decided to go with the idea and went for a 2 consecutive meetings with the members who are interested to build a stable foundation . Skipping whatever events that happened during the discussion and straight to the point. After 3 days of keeping myself out of internet, I found my mail box being ' dominated ' by important mails . Mind you, I deleted the spam in both Inbox and Spam already, and all that's left are important one. Followed with... Informations from my broker, which is another must-read stuff again . It's 10pm now, and I'm unsure whether I can finish reading all these research and friendly mails from my friends . To my disappointment though, none were from my sisters. Back to work I guess.

08 May 13 - Honey Crisis?

Upon logging in MSN, I stumbled on the news and was quite surprised. We're having Honeybee crisis! In the News <--- Click me, click me! Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating it but seriously, I wonder what'll happen if there are no honeybees left for us to steal their honeys. That's all for now, I've hardly had enough time to continue my projects, since I've extra works now. I'm guess I've fully entered the age of work now, though, I'm still looking forward for advancement. Cheers.

08 May 12 - Reformat

One thing when I really hate on computer works are ' reformatting .' What's worse is that when you have to ' reformat ' Drive C just because it was infected by a virus accidentally caused by someone who shares the PC with you. It's either do-it-yourself , or take it to the technician and pay some money and wait for a few days. Paying some money isnt a problem for me, but waiting for a week IS the problem. I've a project work to finish and I've to follow the market changes every now and then. After a day of grinding , the Windows actually looks a lot nicer than the old one. All I need are just some programs to fill me up. Personal Laptop anyone?

08 May 08 - Milimed's to expand to Malaysia

We were notified several days ago, that Milimed , a Thai manufacturing company , plans to expand their products and had requested a company in Malaysia to be their dealer and distributor. Obviously, the company in Malaysia was uncertain that Milimed product could do any good to take over the market from Strepsil . (They plan to take over Strepsil's market.) Thus, the Malaysians has decided to tour around Hat Yai , and to inspect for Milimed's popularity in Thailand . Now, Milimed had to do any means necessary to increase their reputation in Hat Yai , and our pharmacy was entrusted with their product's stand. Tomorrow, the P resident of Milimed and the CEO of the Dealer will come to the pharmacy for a short discussion with us regarding the quality of Milimed's product. How interesting, I wonder how things will turn up, but again, I wouldnt mind to be given the chance to relocate to Malaysia once again. *Hopes for something interesting for me from both companies

08 April 7 - Pharmacist Course Extended to 6 years?

I rad something ridiculous in the Pharmacist's monthly Magazine. Pharmacist's Class are extended to 6 years from 5 years. Now it's totally ridiculous where people started messing up with everything, especially with the education system. Thailand has been in the World's Top 10 List of steroid distributor , and the government are obviously trying to ' buat nama ' for themselves. It's not HOW LONG people study, but it's their MORAL education. Seriously, I've seen many Doctors dispensing alpazolams, diazepams and the drugs in the Benzodiazepines to the poor citizens who were only having headache until most of them are addicted to the drug. I've seen Doctors putting steroids in their so called ' Vitamin Supplements ' so the consumer will feel 'strong' whenever they consumed it. The downside? Those patients will suffer low bone density soon enough. Anyways, although my friends and I are interested in opening our own E-Pharma up

08 May 05 - The Internet Camera

And so just a week ago, there's something odd popping up from the Pharmacy 's ceiling. I wont say much but now I feel ' tu lan ' as everything we do will be recorded for 30 days before it gets deleted. Maybe this is another version of Big Brother live show. Cheers.

08 May 02 - Mixed Thoughts

How our life differs. I've just known something really 'deep' about a friend. It was mostly about her past, yet it was, rather similar to mine. We spent quite sometime in complete darkness, where we were completely alone for quite sometime . And once the ordeal was over, our thought changed. We're no more a majority. The 90/10 rule takes it place, and it spins around, before changing us into something else. How interesting Come to think of it, all of us has an interesting history , no matter how much you try to deny it, you are interesting . The chain which binds me are about to be broken. Once it is broken , the first step to my goal will be accomplished. Let it flow, let it flow . Let us carve our name in the rock and strive forward! Cheers, sorry if some of you finds that this post is rather confusing. :)