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09 Dec 31 - Tourists flock to join New Year festivities in Hat Yai

------------------------------------------------------------ SONGKHLA, 31 December 2009 (NNT) – A large number of Thai and Foreign tourists have flocked to Hat Yai distrct in Songkhla province to join the New Year celebrations. Thai and foreign tourists are heading to Hat Yai to make room reservations and shop at the markets and department stores in the city. A greater number of Thai tourists and Malaysians as well as Singaporeans have been coming to Hat Yai for the New Year and business in the city is becoming more lively as a result. Ms Suwannee Kaewsinuan, a merchant in Si Kim Yong market, the famed shopping site in Hat Yai, said that commerce in the market usually was active but the period from early December seemed to be even more lively due to a high number of tourists joining the festivities. All stalls, both in and outside the market, were selling more. Most products sold were dry foods, instant foods and imported products from neighboring countries. Taken from : NNT ----------

09 Dec 30 - The Most Overcrowded Train

Happy Belated Merry Christmas. :) Hope everyone enjoyed it. There's a recent post in where people was discussing of investment ideas but something interesting was going on in a post there. It was about grandpa Buffett's attempt on a successful take-over on a country's train system. The poster will really like grandpa to take over the entire train system in Thailand, to reform and completely improve the entire system. Another user soon posted that in India, the system is worse than how it is in Thailand. No matter how corrupt the Thai's Railway system is, you can never see the sight in Thailand. I thought it was amazing, but something else surprises me after another poster posted this picture: Gosh..... Now, we really want Grandpa Buffett to reform the system in India first.

09 Dec 20 - A Parcel from

About 5 days ago, I received a parcel from for my order. There was 2 books that I was looking for, the first was Blink - recommended by Fritz a year ago, while the other is, the Alchemy of Finance by George Soros, who changes his position through backache. Investment had never been so much fun ever since I could relate and anticipate where the fund flow are coming. It's well packed, really does a good job here. The books are brand new, so new that there were not even plastic cover on it. -_- Finally, the book I've been looking for years~ The Alchemy of Finance by George Soros! Even with all these books, I've hardly had the time to massive read and understand the books, in fact, I havent even rad the Alchemy of Finance. Work kills me to the point where I couldnt continue my Medical studies, and with all of the Malaysians coming into Hat Yai, there's almost no time for 'book reading.' Gah, I need more time.. Someone needs to 'adopt' m

09 Dec 13 - Love Live the King!!

It's been weeks since I last made a proper update on my blog.. I almost have no time for blogging after I authorized for an almost full-authority in Oriental Pharma Co., LTD. Regardless, I'll make another post regarding His Majesty King Bhumiphol Adulyadej to celebrate his Birthday on the 5th Dec. (5th Dec was also the yearly anniversary of Oriental Pharma Co., LTD. and we was busy setting preparations for both events.. We really need an event planner in the near future. Maybe... finding candidate through blogging is possible?) King Bhumiphol was married to our Queen pretty long ago. Time flies, His Majesty the King is always concerned of the people. No King will allow farmers to turn it into paddy fields harvesting rices every seasons. No King will run in the battlefield aiding the injured together with his Queen. No King will plan for and personally lead the constructing of various damp to prevent flood. No King will by himself, visits rural areas and villages to inquiries of

09 Dec 05 - King Bhumibol's 82nd Birthday!! Love live the King!

BANGKOK – Thailand 's revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej , making his first public comments since being hospitalized, marked his 82nd birthday Saturday with a call for peace and stability in a country that has been rocked by anti-government protests. Thousands of well-wishers waving Thai flags cheered, cried and chanted "Song Phra Charoen" or " Long Live the King " as the monarch's motorcade made its way to the Grand Palace from the Bangkok hospital where he has been staying since Sept. 19. Looking alert but tired and showing little expression, the king returned to the hospital after briefly appearing in front of members of the royal family, government officials and lawmakers. "My happiness and prosperity will happen when the country flourishes and stabilizes," the king said, seated on a golden throne and dressed in a gold brocade robe. "The progress and stability will come true

09 Dec 01 - Former Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej died

------------------------------------------------------------------- I was assigned to re-start the project we started over a year ago again, and this is really time consuming. Not to mention of the 1-2 hours of phone talks everyday now... Gah..~ ------------------------------------------------------------------- On the morning of November 24, 2009, it was reported that at 8:48a.m. Samak had died at Bumrungrad International Hospital of liver cancer, at the age of 74 . The news shocks Thailand , as Ex Prime Minister Samak is a well respected politician. Ex-PM Samak died at 24th Nov 2009 due to liver cancer at the age of 74, over a year of struggle against the disease. Ex-Prime Minister, he was an honorable man, a very straight forward man who is an expert in both Thai Language and Culture. At the same time, Ex Prime Minister was also an expert in cooking, no doubt, none are staged, unlike Mc Dang or other people who cooks on TV for fame, Ex-Prime Minister cooks for taste, and he's