21 August 07 - Passage to Had Yai, Biggest Southern Fashion Show (Press Conference)

Following the invintation from the authority, I went to the location after work.

It was as expected, a lot of reporters and important people had gathered in the middle of the busiest, tourist spot, Lee Garden.

A stage was set in the area, together with several armed polices and military soldiers.

After going through the normal boring formal ceremony, our seats were arranged, followed with some drinks and foods.

That's where I sat, in the first row. Together with other reporters from TV channels and newspapers.

The event started late, about half an hour later than the schedule. The VIPs are introduced on the stage, together with a short introductions and the purpose of setting "Passage to Had Yai." and other various of Had Yai events including the 10-50% Had Yai Grand Sale.

(Malaysia and Indonesian's flag,where's Singapore's one ?)

(She's the first model.1st Round)

And the real event started at around 7pm, all reporters are set with their cameras to take a picture of the Models.

(2nd Model. 1st Round)

Had to run around to get a good shot.

The 2nd round shows our model in a shopping-type fashion, spreading the "Shopping" effect to everyone around.

Our VIPs, all but 1 are staring at the models.

Luckily I was allowed to take a picture upclose, for some reason I sometime feels like I was being too close to the model.

Now, this is where every guys at the area, and I mean, 'every' guys starts whistling and cheering. The models, on their 3rd round, all wore something like this.

And the highlight for the night was !!!

A fully painted model, and I mean fully painted. (According to the narrator)

( I dont really get the impression that ball cage she had, it looks troublesome and the concept doesnt really suits Had Yai.)

Although she was supposed to be the highlight of the night, I feel that most pairs of eyes are more directed to the bikinis on the stages..

And finally, after a tiring night, the conference ended in a success.

Personally, I'm a bit disappointed as everyone, even the narrator are talking in Thai. The main objective of this event was to attract tourists, but if everyone talks in Thai, then this event seems to be directed more to the Thai citizens.

But again, I'm satisfied after recieving the Tourists Card that allows me to get a 10-50% discount at a lot of important shops and malls in Had Yai !

Happy Shopping, oh and :

At the 25th, August 07
Lee Garden - Central Hotel
The real Fashion Show 2007, Passage to Had Yai will be held here, at the same place, it's free to watch and there will be alot of interesting events here, all tourists are especially most welcomed to come. *Wink*


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