Advertising ? Leaving something in you.

(Note to self : 72 hours just to post this, I should really focus on blogging next time I'm updating this.)

I saw the Harajuku doll contest from sevearal person. Sad how Malaysia have all kind of events while Thailand are............ left
in despair ? I want my own Harajuku doll !!

*Pic from Yatsuzaki that made me jealous of her.*

Today's entry is about "advertising", yes, amazing advertisement that I found/saw...

I've always admired how smart Marketing Managers are (Include people like Boss Stewie as well) and chances that I would have to go into Business category soon.

I saw some advertisement from various websites/book/newspaper/TV and everywhere and some can really leave "something" in me.

A type of advertisement that can be categorized as "mouth-to-mouth" or consumer products.

Distributing the "Panadol" bag, the effect of headache is really expressed correctly by the "bag" perfectly. (Although for some reason I think Hair Growth product would help in this case as well, you're pulling the guy's hair.)

While the common ones are the one shown on TV :

There's small note saying "Harry's Bread. Nice and soft."

Does your dog needs to diet ? Pedigree is you choice !!
This is prove that dieting isnt only for human.

Ever want to donate but dont want to waste any money ?

Attention all smokers !!

And so far, 0.00001% of the world's advertisement are here. We've seen lots and lots of advertisement, but how many of them really leaves something in you ?

Long long ago, in the Brazil far away..
Thanks God, we now have what we call "zoom."

We love sweets, but how many of us are willing to get all of the sugars in it ?
Thus why these sugar-free lolliepops are made.

Made by anti-cloning organizations.

This is what happen when cloning are legalized. Yes, I'm against cloning as well, one shouldnt try to be a God themselves.

Now I dont know who made or what this is for (Except the phrase above) but seriously......
Of course, we all should realize the importance of whales, and for those who arent following the news, a type of Whale had just gone extinct in China due to water polution. The news was just released earlier and I got the chance to saw it, but I couldnt take any pictures of it.

Other than advertisement on TV, or the portable "consumer-to-consumer", there are still advertisement on the road.

I do like seeing some cute road advertisements such as :

Or the siau-siau one :

(Taken from Kenny.)

But definately, I dont wanna see this :

Or would you ?

If readers has some cute/funny/good advertisements , please share it with me or email me.
I'll be glad to be able to see what's going on in other countries.

"Now, if only advertising were this effective." - Boss Stewie.


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