Passage to Hat Yai 4 - The Biggest Southern Region Fashion Show

I was informed by an officer of the Thai Commercial Bank and so this has gotten my interest.

I instantly take up my phone and called the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Southern Office : Region 1.

I was linked to the Chief Administrator of the event and the conversation goes briefly like :

Chief : Yes yes, is there anyway I can fax you as usual ?
Me : Err nope, I dont have one.
Chief : No, I mean I dont remember your fax's number.
Me : I never had a fax, Ma'am....
Chief : Are you sure, I need your fax number so I can send you the informations.
Me : ................................

In the end I was given special authorization to join the PRESS conference as usual on the 21th (Tuesday) together with other news reporter such as Nadakphong Sriwitchit, Sansirit Chalemphong and others.

The conference will be held at 21st August, 4 days before the actual event.
I'll get back with details about the event by then.


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