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08 July 30 - Holy Cows~

Something fun happened sometimes ago regarding cows.. And I really like the replies that I'm getting, even though it's about cows... Holy Cows , I've never thought I'd see that word for sometime. PS: A bit busy so far, I hope you guys are alright :) Keep me updated, I'd be sure to update asap once I have the time to.

08 July 27 - The World's Largest Cow

This post should fall under the Biggest Domestic Animal category. Sometimes ago, I posted about The World's Biggest Dog , now, when it comes to Cows ... How big can these cows be? Comparative.. Want one guys? I do, just one of them will provide enough milk for the whole family . Or not..?

08 July 25 - Darkness in Bangkok

This happened in the 1st July 2008, a friend of mine who happens to be in the building took the photo and shared it with me. I wonder if that was an omen, anyways, cheers and I'll update on myself soon~

08 July 21 - More pictures of Flowers

Anyways, it's 12am, and I'm really sleepy. As I dont feel like procrastinating this post, I'd share this with you. I'm still not sure of what these plants are used for or what it's uses are, so I'll skip the part. I'm not someone who's familiar with flowers either (Except for roses and sunflowers), maybe this is Tulip? (Correct me if I'm wrong, I seldom buys flower for my loved one.) On a serious account, I'm still taking the lesson lightly as I'm giving myself time to get used to the plants and it's uses, but if a year passes by and I'm still unfamiliar with them, then I'm in a big trouble. Thanksfully, on the brightside, things will improve :) Cheers~

Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen! (ORIGINAL VERSION)

Someone who cares for me linked me to the video several days ago, and it really helps when I'm pressured on building our new Corps. I hope these will help all other guys out there as well. Good night!

08 July 17 - When it comes to Floras..

As I've mentioned before, after almost spending half of my life with modern drugs , I've decided to sit for the course related to herbal doctorate. Been almost a month since I last joined the class.... To my surprise, it's a LOT harder than modern drugs. I've no problem remembering about Dextromethorpan , Brompheniramines , Salbutamols and so on... but when it comes to these green things. Behind our classroom, there's a garden of nature where wild floras exists, and to my surprise, most 2nd and 3rd year students knows what their names are and what they're used for. Wild life Floras Garden There are some interesting stuff here which I'd like to share with my readers, dotn ask what they're for though, but I'd be sure to post them up when I finally knows and remembered of what they are used for. After the class ended, we're supposed to memorize their taste, smells, accent, interior and exterior looks and so on. Gah.. what are these used for aga

08 July 12 - Sadness in my heart

I was really stressed today, someone whom I had trusted had disappointed me once again. Misunderstanding, over confident, a thought that always thinks that others are inferior, all these traits are a fatal mistake of what elder people do. As much as I wanted to express more of my grief now, I dont think I want to get further into the subject. Though, I've seen the changes on myself as well, as what Chalermphong had said, instead of being angry, I was mourning for the rift that you had severed on me. This is not the first time you did this, nor I dont think this will be the last time you'll do this, thus I feel that we should just separate our path, as you does not fit to be in our team, to advance into a greater responsibility. Was really stressed, and thanks to some people ( Sis Jane, Vittana, Kact, Chalermphong , and Nittik ) for the help and comfort today. Anyways, these are some jokes (in Thai) and it cant be translated because, Thai Languages are generally unique and can

08 July 11 - Gift From Penang

Been weeks since I last updated. I had myself occupied with works for almost all the time . Anyways, this update would be to appreciate the gift from my friends who are kind enough to bring back something from Penang to me. What's really in my interest are that some of them are manufactured near a school where I once studied in, the " Sekolah Sri Inai " in Penang . Although I didnt spend much time in Penang , it was quite fun to be there and to be studying there with all friends . How I miss Penang. Perhaps, I should to go for a vacation to Penang instead of Kuala Lumpur or Singapore late this year. Just a thought though, let's see how things will be soon~

08 July 04 - From Modern Pharmacist to Herbal Pharmacist

Right, most of you would be wondering why I'm not updating my blog now. I've the pictures uploaded 2 days ago but I had urgent business which needs to be settled and I couldnt even get online to continue blogging yesterday. I started working in the modern pharmaceutical business ever since 2 years ago . Cant say that I'm getting sick of these Tylenol, Decolgen, Tiffy , or even Ventrolin or Dermovate Cream . I still enjoy devoting myself to the modern pharmaceutical business . Having been well-educated in modern drugs , I've always wanted to expand my knowledge on other factors . Although I am interested in the traditional art of Chinese Medicines , I've never had the chance to attend the formal class for them. Several months ago, a friend of mine had inspired me to attend a class similar to the traditional art of Chinese Medicines . Once I had gathered a sufficient information on the course , I decided to attend the class after hesitating for my lack of time.