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The 2 way

Once we reach certain point, there's always splitted path for us to choose. Let's take this for an example, In here, after you've passed certain degree, such as Lower secondary or upper secondary, you can choose to stop studying and work. Many, choose to work instead of getting a higher qualification and obviously, most comes from the middle to lower class. I had a long debate with my boss regarding the matter. My boss, who stopped Bachelor's degree, somehow regretted the decision that he made. While he was in the college, he just wished for it to end fast so he could work (He comes from the upper middle class) as he's bored with studying. So far, my boss's 30+ and is married and blessed with a cute baby boy xD but he just wished that he could re-study to get to the Master's degree. Personally, I knows how important it is to get those qualifications for my future work. I'll need it, but I cant just sit and focus on study. My boss stressed on the importa

It's the one time of the year~

Yeah~ Usually, I wont look forward to this day of the year. I wont mention what day it is, however it has meaning for me. Ever since I was 10, I dont think we had anymore celebrations. It sucks actually. Although I do want to have a celebration every year but hm..... No one to celebrate, and it felt empty sometime. No idea why myself. Mom said we're supposed to be well today so at least I wont be sick for the whole year, and some similar things like that. Trying my best not to, but my leg and arm hurts, while I still look pale as usual. And what's worse, I'm overweight ! It's alright if I am like, overweight to make myself looks better, but although no one realizes it yet, my stomach's getting bigger ! Maybe because I ate too late at night, and I didnt have enough exercise, work's just too tiring. Who would have thought working in pharmacy is tiring. Everyone saw us pharmacist sitting all the time and just sets up drugs for our patients, but...... in reality, it

Virginia Tech Shooting

Warning, today's content require common sense and is just a personal thought. All are under my copyright but there's no need for license if you wanna distribute the thought. Yes, we have heard of the famous event that happened 3 days ago. I wont repeat what news channel has reported though. I think everyone has the same problem, except the problem is whether we can control them or not. Personally, I have the same problem and I'm aware of it. I hate detest people who destroys nature, and ultimately, maybe even the entire humanity. (Except several people whom I love) Humans, why do you burn the forest without consideration ? You might not need them, but the forest are home to most animals and plants. Humans, why do you waste your foods ? Let it be plants, or animals, they have their life. Please dont waste their lifes. Humans, why do you harm others for your own satisfaction ? Murderer and rapist... Nuff' said. Humans, why do you not share your strength to help others ? S

Thailand Water Festival~

Tomorrow is Thailand's Water Festival. People will be splashing waters randomly everywhere. Personally, I've never played it ever since I lived in Thailand. The years before was due my"problems" and I was unable to participates in it. Second, is due to the fact that I dont wanan get wet lol. Even now, a day before the real festival, people had started splashing waters at each other, I had to take "empty" route in order to safely reach my house. I admit the sight of it is fun, but unless you're prepared, it wont be as fun as it seem. While the preparations are being made, foreigners (Mostly Indonesians, Malaysians and Singaporean) have equipped themself with a heavy water "gun" to survive in the cruel, watery war city of Had Yai. I'll be seeing a lot of "Hum-vees" loaded with an squad of "wet" hungry people, seeking to steal your "dry" body from you. Yes, these happens every year. Do not fear~ There would be peo

FTA Thai-Japan 2

Result of FTA between Thai-Japan. This is the first day though. The increasement in the SET is due to the investment made from Japan. On the surface, it's a good sign, but deep inside, the "wave" is slowly approaching. Thailand's superiority lies on the domestic items. From an investor's view, I wouldnt mind to have most of Thailand stocks rising. However, after a long analyze, I felt that "nominee" fever will come back, exactly same way as how it was with the Shin Corps. From government's view : SME owner's view : The law that was made after the coup regarding "nominee" and "foreign investors" problem are said to be able to stop and prevent foreigners from holding major share in a Thailand company. Basic needs are

FTA Thai-Japan

I wasnt planning to blog today, but there was "mob" of people who was against the Thai-Japan FTA "mobbing" in front of Robinson, which is just next to the biggest Train Station in Southern Region. 5.20pm, Local Time in Thailand. The leader expresses his disappointment over how the current Prime Minister, Surayud Chulanont , insist on signing FTA between Thai-Japan. "The country was once ruined by Thaksin Shinawatra, and Surayud Chulanont is repeating the same mistake. It's obvious that the FTA will not benefit us as much as how it will ruin our beloved Kingdom. Several hours from now, Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont shall be singing the FTA." Right after he finishes, a group of people started entering the area, might not be less than 500 of them. Seems small, but this is the same as how the major mob that started 2 years ago started. I, myself is personally is not against FTA between Thai-Japan (Yeah, for the sake of ordering CDs and Gothic Clothes)

Dream ne ?

It's been more than half a year ever since I worked as a pharmacist. 6 Months is a very long time for me.. 25 weeks = 180 days = 4320 hours = 259,200 minutes = 15,552,000 seconds !! Many things has change, but many still stays the same. I'm still the old procrastinator (I hate it -_-) . Many of my plans, hasnt been done yet, and I'm like, slowly forgetting them one by one. There's this question that has been troubling me and it appears the same to my friend when I asked him the same question. "What is your dream ?" I've asked myself for years, what is my dream job ? I do admit I imagined of being a singer, artist, detective, photographer (blah blah blah) but I've yet to know what I really like. It's like, making me feel how aimless I am. I wanna see my sis, but is that where my dream ends ? Just to make myself feel better, I just told myself "I'll find out the answer soon."