Thailand's First Law Voting Election 19th Aug 07

The big day for the government and for the now-opposition "Thai Rak Thai" politic party.

The first time in Thailand history, a coup government tries to gain popularity by creating and adding new 'citizen friendly' laws. As well as some laws that allows military power to be passed down to the juniors.

The voting, is held on Sunday, 19th Aug 07, from 8am - 4.30pm.

Our house happened to be -slightly- outside the city, thus why we had to go out of the city for 10 minutes..

The first thing we saw after entering the building was :

The instructions :
1) Check your name and your 5 digit number.
2) Hand your personal ID and your 5 digit number.
3) Recieve the Vote Document.
4) Cross the box you desires.
5) Put the Document into the box by yourself.

We followed all of the instruction given and...

Hand our ID card..

Queue up.

As expected, not too many people.

Did what the uncle did, and put the Document into the box.

Nothing was really interesting, I was just curious of the result.

As we live in an area that the people "doesnt" care for the new law, it's as expected that there wont be too many people voting. Not to mention that I'm the only one taking the photo in the morning..


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