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Paypal is NOT a bank

I find it funny how there are some American out there telling me that Paypal IS a bank. Their recent policy of increasing the fee have been very much a problem to most merchants out there. And no, I'm not a Paypal merchant. I will buy with Paypal, but not sell with Paypal, generally because Paypal will treat you different if you are a buyer, means you can just file a chargeback on your credit card company in case something is wrong, and Paypal can do nothing but forces the seller to return back their money. I was once a merchant, who uses Paypal but quit as soon as they held my money while asking me to confirm identity in fear that I am laundering money. Funny part? They claim that my $180 USD fund is what I'm trying to launder out of Thailand. What defines a bank? Simple, as long as your country's bank, in my case, Bank of Thailand, considers it as a bank, it is a bank. But Paypal is NOT a bank. They could never be a bank unless they improve their standard

Sean Hyman's presentation is BS

Received a Linked news Sean Hyman will teach you how to invest in stock market by using Biblical teachings. Interested, I listened his presentation. News way of promoting Christianity to "sell" his newsletter. I actually like the idea of using Biblical content for investment, but after listening to hist presentation, it's just load of remark of how good he is in turning $15,000 into $50,000. (He repeats this every 2-3 minutes, throughout for almost an hour.) Listened to the whole presentation, trying to catch what he's trying to "teach", but he's not teaching anything. He's "selling" his ultimate newsletter. There's almost nothing about Bible, except a few pick up lines from the Bible. The initial fee is very cheap though, $49 for one year subscription including various books as free gift. Yes, very tempting. I decided to google some review, and found as follows:

Is there a "fix" way to govern your people?

I've been reading a lot about the history of Chinese emperors, their downfall, the fight within their family, etc. Some emperor was benevolent during the first era of their rule and their empire prospers, but during the peace, their kingdom declined. It seems to me there's no "fix" way to rule an empire. Things have to change depending on the era, "warring" era, "turmoil", and "peaceful" era. Is there any book that talks about these things?

พูดคุยกับ BRN ทำไม?

พูดคุยกันทำไม ในเมื่อพูดคุยกันแล้วไม่มีอะไรดีขึ้น รัฐบาลจัดฉากทำเป็นพูดคุย ทั้งๆที่รู้ๆกันอยู่ว่าไม่มีอะไรดีขึ้น ประชาชนตายทุกวัน ทำไม BRN ไม่ไปวางระเบิดที่กรุงเทพบ้าง? จะได้ให้มันรู้ไปว่าการถูกข่มขู่วางระเบิดทุกวันนี่รู้สึกอย่างไร

BRN is Killing Innocents again!

In the news, BRN set up bomb killing soldiers and 2 innocent teachers in the area. Why do Thai government keep negotiating with terrorist? BRN is a terrorist, they kill innocent, why negotiate? Why Malaysia accepts them as "world class" armed citizen so easily? It's all like a big drama. Update** Southern Thai terrorists burned 7 factory warehouses and inflict at least 100 million baht damage on each factories. RKK, BRN Coordinate and all other Southern Thailand terrorists are evil and have no respect for Muslim. True Muslim do not kill the innocent!

Hellsing - Alucard Vs Captain

I keep hearing people telling me that Alucard could easily beat Captain. But I beg to differ. Seras won only because the Captain wanted her to. Captain could evade Seras's attacks easily, and there's no way silver could wound him. It had to pierce his heart in order to kill him, but Captain could easily harden his skin, either by turning wereform or wolf form. Captain isnt the Major's top-unit for no reason. If it's not because that he wants Seras to kill him, he could easily beat the crap out of Seras.