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13 June 27 - FedEx Thailand Doing Shitty Work

FedEx Thailand have been doing shitty work. Starting from charging me more than what the customer service first told me. Then they increased the weight from 0.4 kg to about 0.8 kg which means I am charged more than actual shipment. Then I'm charged for something that never was shipped in the first place. There's also cases where the FedEx shipped my stuff to a completely different address, resulting package lost. And also writing another address wrongly, from "BAY" to "BAG." I'm getting sick and tired of FedEx's lousy service and may as well switch to DHL or UPS soon.

13 June 16 - What to do with BRAND's Chicken Soup empty bottles?

I'm actually a casual consumer of BRAND"s Chicken Soup but I liked the bottle and had hardly thrown it away. Now with the bottles in my disposal, I was wondering what I can do with it... Any thoughts? Please share.

13 June 03 - Who would win in a Metal Gear Fight?

Found this funny, so I'm gonna answer it myself. 1. Steven Armstrong vs. MGS4 Raiden teamed up with MGS4 Vamp A. Armstrong. (He pwned Sam, and Sam pwned Raiden. High frequency blade do no damage to Armstrong anyways. Vamp is bleh.. His improvised regeneration wouldnt do much against Armstrong who could demolish him to pieces.) 2. Steven Armstrong vs. Metal Gear REX piloted by Liquid A. Armstrong.. Really tough one but seeing how Snake defeated Liquid's hind empty handed, I dont know how "good" Liquid is. Maybe if Armstrong is worn out, then.. I'dunno 3. Armstrong vs. Big Boss teamed up with Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, Solidus Snake, Ocelot, The Boss, EVA, and the cobra unit. A. Big Boss will win. The Boss along should beat Armstrong no problem. These stealth guys utilizes stealth, techniques and patience. Team work, etc. whatever it's called. Armstrong fights head on which will be no match against the stealth team. 4. Big Boss, Solid Snake, and Ocelot vs.

13 Jun 02 - Nier Gestalt & Replicant - Kaine Salvation Lyric

I so love this song. Lyric: Shul parel moihim... Ar, jaruk noisin Dah galach dalfouir Malech foir dir azlad erenj boir Hiuo tantieraha dreikun harech falale ya bui Hiuo migenda yakakren nohey kaine rekara Hiuo tantieraha dreikun harech falale ya bui Hiuo migenda ya kokren nohei yalma Teikoi miren tara bairatru