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10 Jul 29 - Aim Star

Was invited by a close friend to attend a Seminar.. Called the Aim Star. Initial impression is that, it's just like Amway. Very nice speech though. Some 24 years old guy made 1 million per month after 4 years of work to find more and more networks. And yes, this is another MLM company.. Personally, no interest in here... I'm very well aware of how the MLM company operates, and they're never in my interest unless I'm part of the executives, not the so called "Businessman" or "Businesswoman." It's still pity how many people are easily brainwashed by these things. These are business I guess, another different distributing channel.

10 Jul 20 - Manga

The manga I ordered from finally arrived eh.. Been so busy, heading out to Langkawi for work trip on the 28th July... Anyways, I've recovered, but I still feel partial injury on the knee, perhaps I need some check up soon.

10 July 9 - Recovery

I'm back to work ever since early this week. Lab work still goes on, but I have to halt the research I'm leading. Anyways, my wound's better. I could control the infection without much effort, thanks to a few gentamycin and daily alcohol to clear out the dead cells. I cant perfectly uses my hand as it is for now, as recovery isnt 100%. There's a few internal damage on my knee but it's not severe. I can get back to full operation soon. Now it's just about the scar, the EGALV 53KRK research we're leading should prove useful in stimulating collagen and returning the epidermis's color back to normal, if not, close to normal. Let's see how effective it is. I cant help to feel proud that I'm the first specimen used as a test sample. The GreenTech BioLab Inc. greatly appreciates all clients from all over the globe. Please visit our distributor for further information, ,