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09 Aug 31 - Cat's Tale [From Flesh to Bone]

There was this cat around the pharmacy I worked in, and one day, someone reported seeing the cat's front legs was being tied by a rubber band. I thought it was nothing serious, so I put no attention to the event. Few days past, further reports indicates that the cat's foot started to rot.. Out of curiosity, investigators were sent. There was no veterinarian with us, so it was up to drug experts to figure out what was wrong. You see, it licked it's wound till the left paw revealed it's bone. From the looks of it, there's nothing we can do to it other than taking it to the real Veterinarian. So simply said, we took it to the Animal Hospital opposite my house right after discussing what we should so with it. Talk about the cost, I was surprised how expensive the cost was though...

09 Aug 27 - คนสนิทยันป๋า ไม่หวั่น ม็อบแต่งชุดดำ

“พะจุณณ์”เผย“ป๋าเปรม”ไม่หวั่นม็อบแดงแต่งชุดดำไว้อาลัย ยอมรับไปทำบุญที่โคราช “อนุพงษ์” หวั่นเหตุร้ายจัดทหาร 21 กองร้อยสนับสนุนตำรวจดูแลม็อบ มทภ.1 เผยเพิ่มทหาร รปภ.บ้านสี่เสา... อ่านต่อที่ ไทยรัฐ Political instability is causing the Royal Guards under His Highness being threatened by the Democratic Movement Party . Talk about power abuse, since anything under His Highness's vicinity is very well protected, those with impure heart can do anything they want. I just hope His Highness's health remains good.

09 Aug 20 - Rare Animals in The World

What ever you say, if you have time to be surfing in the internet, I'm sure you'll be seeing many more humans than animals. However, there are times when we wish to be one with nature again. I'll list a few interesting animals that I wanna take a closer look of. The Tamarin Monkeys are named after Emperor Tamarin . They're easily identified from their unique moustache. So this is where Mr. Pringles got his mustache style from! The Kodomo , I mean Komodo Lizards in Indonesia I put this at the top of the list as I've one or two little things to do in Indonesia, regardless though, it'll be a very interesting trip if I could go back there. Ahh, I miss the Soto Madura haha. The Matamata Turtle , in Spanish , it means " it kills, it kills. " I dont know much about this turtle but it's name is interesting. I wonder where I can find this though. The Bear Family are also my favourite animal as well! Whether it's the Gianda Panda, Polar Bear, Koala

09 Aug 17 - Blackout?!

There was this really huge rain last night, and when I reached home, everything was dark, well.. the entire area was. So anyways, upon reaching home, there's a few documents I need to check... and... Using these candles are a no-no to check my documents... So.. It's actually a Reserve Power Supply (I forgot what you technicians calls it), but it works out just fine. Haha, perhaps it's more than just "fine", the entire living room's pretty bright while I was using it to light the room. Oh well, back to work~

09 Aug 15 - Finally, a new PC

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- He scolded her before they'd even met. A story of why I should never start by texting on the first date. For full story -> Link to MSN News -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had a vision of her again. It's been 14 years yet those dreams are still with me. So far on London... This is my first entry for in like 15 days. Generally speaking, my beloved 5 years old CPU finally gave in.. As a lab rat who works by dealing with all of these C13H18O2, C8H9NO2 and is in a development for a Nano-based drugs for our parent's companies, I didnt have much time to check the stuff myself. It took the WBC a total of 14 days for a check up before I got fed up and took it home when they took off one of my 256mb RAMs (luckily, I had a 1GB of DDR1 inside) so it still works fine. However, according to the WBC's Technician, nothing was wrong other than the RAM, but upon ac

09 Aug 02 - The King of Fighters XII & Eclipse

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Some people finds it unbelievable that I love fighting and action games.. What's wrong with that? I've seen tons of girls on first person shooting games slaughtering all the men in the match ] Anyone who knows me would know that it's hard to see me having free time to do a few "time-killing" errand.. (Even now, my desk is full of security papers, project work, patient's record, drug stock supplies, etc. etc.) Though, that wasnt the case this time.. I've been waiting for this~ Bro bought it actually, but I guess he wouldnt mind. (Calls up Phloy and Tira) xD Forget all these papers and works, time to rumble~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talk about the eclipse on my last post, I wanted to take a few nice shots from "my sky" in Hat Yai. I even take the effort to get up to the 11th floor just for this occassion.. But it was