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07-Sep-29 The Power of Make Up (1)

As someone who likes to dress up, I liked these pictures that was sent to me. So I'm sharing these with you for the people who likes to make up as well. Now, who can teach me how to do a proper thing with my powders ?

07-Sep-27 Myanmar Uprising

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bloggers Against Abuse Participating with the wave. Anyone kind enough to donate a badge for me ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personally, I've no comment on the uprising. It's inevitable, but either way, it doesnt matter. I dont know how to express this, but I feel like, it's useless ? After experiencing what happened in Thailand, a year of people mobbing in the capital of Thailand, and then the coup. No matter when or where, there will always be corruption. So if these monks who are sponsored by someone won, the same will repeat. Here's the video my friend found : This video leaves uncountable questions for me. I've never been to Myanmar but this really looks like what happened in Indonesia in 1989 when I was living there.

07-Sep-24 There is always hope in life

If there is a future there is time for mending, Time to see your troubles coming to an ending. Life is never useless however great your sorrow, If you're looking forward to a new tomorrow. If there is time for wishing then there is time for hoping, When through doubt and darkness you are blindly groping. Though the heart be heavy and hurt you may be feeling, If there is time for praying there is time for healing. So if through your window there is a new day breaking, Thank God for the promise, though mind and soul be aching. If with harvest over there is enough for gleaning, There is new tomorrow and life still has meaning. Thanks to LookKeaw for sending this mail to me. I'm someone who's often confused, what to do with life, what's there to do with life, and what else to do in life. This and that, everything is complicated for me. These really cheers me, the beautiful potrait and the phrase clearly warms me. I so hope the same for you.

07-Sep-22 A toilet ?

Have you ever attended a seminar and had the need to use the toilet? I had to attend a seminar earlier, and the need to use the toilet is there. The seminar hall is clean, however... To my surprise : Looks more like a death pit to me. Looks old..... but luckily, there wasnt any bad smells. I heard sound of water running so I went to investigate.. The water keeps running as the handler's broken, there's no way to stop it. Upon checking the condition of the room..... This led to an instant, "NO! I cant use these toilet." Seriously, someone held a seminar, you shouldnt only worry about the hall, but everything related must be cleaned as well. I just ended up taking early leave to use the toilet in my house. Cheers!

07-Sep-17 Phuket Plane Crash from the 1-2 GO airline

The news of the plane crash was a really huge fuss in the country. "89 Passenger was killed when the low price airline slid and dived into the earthwall at Phuket Airway. 31 foreigners and 58 others were Thais. Tourists from Australia, Austria, Britain, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and the Netherland who survived are currently being treated at the local hospitals." - Deputy Transportation Minister Sansern One-2-GO had urgone several official changes. Chairman of the Airline is said to have replaced several sophisticated Western pilots to Indonesian and Philippine pilots to reduce the expenses fees. The pilot of the crashed plane had been informed of the bad weather conditions. Shortly after the landing, eyewitness said that the plane broke into 2 and they heard loud explosions. This is the video of the news released on air for the accident : I was able to get a list of the passenger from an unknown stream sent by a friend. Here's the list of passengers of the plane : Co

07-Sep-16 Phuket Plane Crash from the 1-2 GO airline

Currently on air. A plane from the 1-2 GO airline crashed killing at least 50 , which include a lot of tourists. The plane failed to land in the Phuket airport properly and crashed onto the runway. The plane which contains tourists from various part of the world, is said to carried Irish, Malaysian, British, America and local businessmen. I'll check if I'm able to get the list of the passengers on the plane from the authorities. I'm deeply sorry if anyone you know is on the plane.

07-Sep-15 Imagination & Innovation

We all have creation and imagination in our mind. When one imagined, that's one step toward creation (Not talking about possibilities yet.) I went to my music class, and since the class isnt open yet, I went to the balcony, and these are what I saw. At first glance, I instantly gets the idea, " HEY, IT'S AN ANGRY BIRD." Nothing's wrong with me, serious.. But the more I look like it, the more I'm sure that it's an angry bird. You can see it's beak, eyes, and neck. As well as it's smoke. Close up look on our bad mood bird. Yes, I've no doubt bout my eyes now.. When I look another angle, my eyes starts telling me what they are again. I've been known to have wide imaginary range, but sometime, I was wondering if I'm starting to go insane.. Cheers.

Yakuza Moon

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tsunami warning released in Thailand earlier, I was absolutely clueless until Mom told me about it. It's been cancelled, lucky, there isnt any Tsunami. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I got an email, containing these pics, and they all look erm...... I've no interest in Tatoo, but this somehow gives you the idea of how one's determination and liking can do. I dont know her name or anything about her, but this is absolutely....... awesome ? She would probably had to wear long sleeved shirt whenever she go out, erm.... This is actually troublesome, but as long as she likes what she's doing I guess this is great. So how bout you ? What do you like and do you have the determination to do what you like ?