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09 Oct 30 - Hat Yai Halloween Concert Festival

Ahh, so.. this is the English version of what I was trying to notify earlier.. I received this voucher and was asked to post it a few days ago, but anyways.. For some who have .gif viewing problem... There'll be a Halloween Festival Celebration in Hat Yai. Date: Saturday, 31 Oct 2009 Time: 6.oopm (18:00) Location: 30 Meters Road, at the field Thummanoonvitee intersection, Hat Yai .. (You people who always comes to Hat Yai often probably knows where this is.. especially the guys who hunts for fresh blood . I wouldnt call it fresh though xD) Please note though, ticket is priced from 800 - 1000 baht . For informaton, please call +668-6975-1313 Dont call me though, I'm not even sure if I'll participate, I've an important errand to run in Sunday..

09 Oct 30- งาน Hat Yai Halloween Party Festival

ก็มีเพื่อนที่เสนอ Ticket มาอะ อต่ก็กำลังคิดอยู่ถ้าเสียเงินไปคงไม่ไปอะ งานเยอะจริงๆ ก็ขอโนตแล้วกันนะจ้า คอนเสิร์ตศิลปินชั้นน้ำของไทยเรา เป็นคอนเสิร์ต Fullmoon Party จั่ดงานคืน Halloween และจะมีการ Lipsing singing Contest ต่างๆ วัน เสาร์ที่ 31 ตุลาคม 2552, เริมตั้งแต่ 18.00น. จนข้ามคืน ณ สนาม 30 เมตร แยกถนนธรรมนูญวิถี หาดใหญ่ สอบถามได้ที่ 08-6975-1313 หรือเข้าที่เว็บไซต์

09 Oct 25 - “ในหลวง” ถวายราชสักการะพระบรมรูป ร.5 พระราชานุสาวรีย์ “พระราชชนก-พระราชชนนี”

คัดมาจาก: Manager Online

09 Oct 25 - His Higness's Recovery

---------------------------------------------------------------- MSN Relationship : "Yes, I'm a 27-Year-Old Virgin" Every time Elna Baker hits the heavy-breathing stage with a new guy, she has to decide whether to lose her virginity. Listen (and laugh — she's OK with it) as she explains the perils of dating while Mormon. To read further: Click Here ---------------------------------------------------------------- King Bhumiphol Adulyadej was hospitalized last month due to a specific illness.. Although the His Highness's Royal News Association has been releasing latest report of His Highness's Health, the Investor in Singapore and Hong Kong were able to spread 'fake' lies which causes unusual Stock Market movements. On the 23rd October, the Wan Piyamaharaaj, (วันปียมหาราช) His Highness took the opportunity to pay his respect to His Ancestors in the Siriraaj Hospital. Although a bit thin, His Highness does look much better. Here's a few more pictures

09 Oct 22 - GPO-A-Flu - Oseltamivir

An old Singaporean friend gave me a call recently, requesting a few anti-viral.. One of them was the famous Oseltamivir and Zanamivir. I'm not sure how the H1N1 is going in other countries, but surely, the wave had stopped by now. As for both of the drugs, I dont have it, nor do I think that I could get one in possession for sale. The anti-viral are somehow restricted to Hospitals... So yeah.

09 Oct 20 - ชมบินผาดแผลงฝูงบิน Thunderbirds (วิหคสายฟ้า)

ภาพการแสดงผาดแผลงของฝูงบิน"วิหคสายฟ้า" ที่บริเวณคลังสินค้า สนามบินดอนเมือง ซึ่งโพสต์ไว้ในเว็บไซต์ YouTube โดยคุณ "thalesdotnet" หามาจาก ManagerOnline

09 Oct 20 - US Thunderbirds in Thailand

Ignoring the post below, let's just forget it ever happened.. But I'm letting it stay the way it is for now.. Back to topic. Everyone in Thailand was wondering, what was happening at the 10th October 2009, 1.00pm, at the International Airport of Don Meang. Traffic jams and so on, even the hot sun wasnt enough to stop the citizens from breaking the traffic law... Blame United States Air Force's pilots and their F-16C/D this time. I dont have the chance to be there, but..... The Manager had it covered up with a few nice shots. Better take a full view of it at: คนไทยระทึก! ชมบินผาดแผลง"วิหคสายฟ้า"

09 Oct 17 - Insulted

A few minutes ago, I received a link from a friend who was randomly visiting blogs. She reported seeing my blog and an additional Chinese letters which is used to insult me. Surprised, I checked it out and recall that he is in my blog roll list as well. As you can see from the image, my name and link are posted, these 死 贱 . Even though it's compulsory for me to study Chinese letters, but I never was an expert in it, but for a few easy words.. these are something I have to post about. The first word 死 (" shi ") means death , while the 2nd 贱 (" chian, sen ") means lowliness . The combination would mean that he's trying to read my Chinese pronunciation in an insulting manner, which although in accurate, would means " Low life death ." And you can see someone calling me a bitch there as well... I'm honestly surprised, as far as I can remember, I dont recall having an argument or a fight with this guy, nor have I ever stolen somebody's boyfri

09 Oct 15 - Thai Stock Declines from Singaporean Rumor

----------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd time in a week that I ran over a poor snail.. Ugh, I need to be careful. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Black Thursday for the traders in the Stock Exchange of Thailand.. Thailand's Stock Market Bucks Asian Turn-Around Over Concerns for King's Health " Thailand's stock market has bucked an Asian turn-around because of concerns about the health of King Bhumiphol Adulyadej . The revered king is considered a stabilizing force in Thailand and has been hospitalized for nearly a month. " " From VOA News: Thai Stock Falls on Concern of King's Health " Ever since yesterday ( 14 Oct 2009 ), the Stock Market in Thailand had suffered an unusual decline. The source came from a rumor which was spread from the Straits Times ( The Stock Exchange of Singapore ).. The rumor was that... The King's condition is critical, and His Majesty is said to have passed

09 Oct 11 - Strepsil Manufacturing Defect

A few days ago, our customer returned a few boxes of Strepsils SSR due to a manufacturing defect. The Lot Number and expiration dates have been checked, and nothing is wrong. (Still 2 years till expiration.) While we're observing the defect in the goods, we're surprised. The defect is obvious, and the problem only occurs to Strepsil SSRs, while all others, Vitamin C, Cool, Honey and Lemon, Sugar Free are NOT effected by the problem. We have submitted and returned the damaged goods back to Reckitt Benckiser (Thailand) and while we're checking for further information, it seems that other distributors also received a similar problem. Though, please note that it's edible, the new Lot are easily affected by the climate change but everything remains the same.

09 Oct 05 - Weary..

Ahh, ever since last month, things turns out to be extremely 'slow.' A few things I requested doesnt seem to be a success.. (actually, it just takes longer than I expected) Regardless, I cleared out one thing, but there's another 3 waiting for me.. The last one's the toughest, considering how troublesome the Thai Banking sector are. Cheers~