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12 Aug 10 - Kharma

Dear God, Please forgive me for all the sins I've committed. I mean harm to neither of us, nor do I intend to severe any relation we placed. There's a void which I cannot fill, No matter what I do, the sin will never be erased. The curse I place upon myself itself is eternal, Waiting for you to forgive the sin of my past. I'm tormented, Why did you give me these fake glimpse of hope every now and then, Why couldnt you let me put down the pass behind, For all I have now is torment. Oh Lord, by your name I preach, In your name I believe in, With your name I walk with, Please o' forgive me. Let me go through this sphere. Let me go.. Amen..

12 Aug 01 - London's Olympic

Is it just me or I'm feeling that this Olympic is full of unfair play? Reuters: Eight women charged for "throwing" badminton matches This is so wrong. This comment is also wrong "The competition is not just about athletic prowess. It's also about whether you can use your wits." What wits is this? Wits should be used in-game, not out game. During the match, you can use whatever wits you have, but when it goes out of "the match" then that's where it goes wrong, called "no spirit." I think the pair wouldnt want to purposely lose, the coach must also be blamed for planning the "throw" Yes, the people who suggested that they should be "throwing" the match is so wrong.