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Rachakiri Resort and Spa - Khanom

We had a seminar held in the Nakorn Sri Thammarat, Southern part of Thailand. You may either drive straight to the area through the GPS/map or fly to the nearest airport then uses the airport link inter exchange or van service to get to the Resort. Khanom as you can see is still a natural resort and beach close to the sea, excellent service and spa center. During our visit it was low season, but there still are visitors from UK and Japan. Room is somehow old, TV is old, some buttons aren't working properly. The bathroom is quite comfortable though the hot water isn't working. The door lock wasn't working either, but we had a quick fix with the reception, although that took us 3 attempts to summon them to our room.  The facilities in the hotel such as swimming pool, food and other things makes it not worth sleeping in the room. You're better off spending the day and night outside the room though.  The foods are great, big prawns, big shrimp, nice salad, nice BBQ. The onl

Giving advise to new entrepreneurs

Thank you Srivichai Technology University for giving GreenTech Biolab the chance to me mentor for various businesses. We gladly assist interested businesses in both funding and technologies to improve their product.

กรีนเทคไบโอแลบ เข้าร่วมอบรมการพัฒนาการบัญชีสู่...

กรีนเทคไบโอแลบเข้าร่วมอบรม การพัฒนาการบัญชีสู่ต้นทุนการผลิตและบริการที่ถูกกว่า :) ขอบคุณ สสว และธนาคารออมสินที่จัดโครงการดีๆให้แก่ผู้ประกอบการ SME