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08 June 28 - You are Anorexic

Talk about weight.. I just have to quote this for an obvious reason. People said that I'm underweight, but it seems that I was wrong.. Somebody out there seriously needs more weight. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 安室 誠心 - あの映画は最悪だったよ says: it's been.. increasing in size lately even though I've maintained my weight omg, i'm 1" thinner, i'm anorexic says: you're more anorexic than me 安室 誠心 - あの映画は最悪だったよ says: not really.. my waist is really 'out' of it's size despite my current weight omg, i'm 1" thinner, i'm anorexic says: how heavy 安室 誠心 - あの映画は最悪だったよ says: 56kg 安室 誠心 - あの映画は最悪だったよ says: dunno know in lbs 安室 誠心 - あの映画は最悪だったよ says: i suppose you're heavier then? omg, i'm 1" thinner, i'm anorexic says: 52kg 安室 誠心 - あの映画は最悪だったよ says: wow.. 安室 誠心 - あの映画は最悪だったよ says: -__- you're anorexic ------------------------------------------------------------------------

08 June 28 - My expression now

Too many works, too many things to do. Gonna blog about my project, and work, and the negative response from the people who had submitted to fate. Luckily, there are still outstanding people out there who are associating with me. Let's do our best!

08 June 22 - 誕生日おめでとうカイラちゃん

It's special one's birthday today, one that I respect for some reasons . Although she's younger than I am, she's a very interesting person to be with. So, decided to take up a Pencil and paper once again (no rulers) and start doing what I really wanted to do. Erm, thanks to M for the help and advise, but since today was the deadline, I was unable to make much improvements , perhaps next time. Cheers~ And Happy Birthday dear, wish you the best and happiness ever after!

08 June 20 - PAD mob against Samak Sundaravej and People Power Party

For some who are unfamiliar with the political situation in Thailand , please refer to my earlier post. Thaksin's Return to Thailand ----- Today is another big day for the Thailand . The political war between the in-parliament politicia ns and the off-parliament politicians are much worse than what everyone thought. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- On 18th June 08, The People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) has set Friday as D-Day to hold a major rally at Government House in what it calls a make-or-break attempt to oust Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej and his cabinet. PAD leader Sonthi Limthongkul announced last night that Frida

08 June 18 - Fruit Tree of Woman?

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kact recently introduced me to this drama, and I've been recently addicted to ハゲタカ (Hagetaka) - The Vulture . Watching it really reminds me of what both Shen and Kact's father are now, ' successful businessmen '. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I dont remember much details, but I received this from a friend in the Isaan region and he showed me a picture of what the people there had been worshiping. Judge it for yourself. It's actually a tree bearing the fruits of a ' woman .' Now well, if someone had any info on this, I'd really appreciate all helps and infos, as I dont wish to spend time driving to Isaan just for a photoshopped images. Cheers.

15 June 08 - 父さん..

It's Father's Day, and after reading Hermes's post , I decided to post this. Just this time, or maybe this year, I really wish to express this. Thanks Yuki for the help with kanjis and correcting grammar mistakes. -------------------------------------------- 父さんよ。。 闇がいっぱい、苦しみがいっぱい お前の記憶はもう見えない なぜお前が憶えてくれた? -------------------------------------------- Even though I feel no sadness of it, I'd like to be given the chance to see how you are now. Let's see how things will turn out to be , I hope you'd give me another spirit , and pass all your knowledge to me , so I could create a ' legend ' as what you had done in the past. Cheers..

08 June 12 - Algeria's Nostradamus's Prediction until 2397

Had something to blog about today, but I received a mail regarding Algeria's Nostradamus and that she had foretold of what will happen until 3797. After reading this mail, I feel relatively uneasy, as the premonition might come true, and if it does, all of us, will directly be affected.... The woman is said to be 80% accurate , but I'll skip the translation on her history as it's too long. The woman's name was Vankeria Pandewa Kujaterowa , she's born in Jan 1911. 2008 - ผู้นำ 4 ประเทศถูกลอบสังหาร กรณีพิพาทในอินโดสถาน เป็นปัจจัยหนึ่งที่นำไปสู่สงครามโลกครั้งที่ 3 ( Leaders of 4 Countries were assassinated, and is one of the reason leading to the World War 3) 2010 - เริ่มสงครามโลกครั้งที่ 3 ( พฤศจิกายน 2010 - ตุลาคม 2014 ) ตอนแรกก็ใช้อาวุธธรรมดา ต่อมาก็ตามด้วยนิวเคลียร์และอาวุธเคมี การนำอาวุธนิวเคลียร์มาใช้ ทำให้ซีกโลกเหนือ จะไม่เหลือทั้งพืชและสัตว์ จากนั้นพวกมุสลิม จะใช้อาวุธเคมีเข้าจัดการกับชาวยุโรปที่ยังหลงเหลืออยู่ ผู้คนจะป่วยเป็นฝีหนองและมะเ

08 June 07 - Wrong sent - Siang Pure Oils

(The infamous no-profit Siang Pure Oil ) Just a very short entry as it's 11.43pm now and I had work tomorrow morning. Several days ago, our Boss was greatly shocked at what was deployed by the Bertram Chemical. Obviously he did not order them, but it seems that there was an error in the transportation (or accounting) division , and our pharmacy was printed as the " destination." In conclusion, this was a wrong sent. About 60 Crates of Siang Pure Oils 25c.c. (12 Dozens each) , worth more than half a million baht in total. Now seriously, these things are about 4 baht (or 40cents) profit per dozen (960 baht per dozen), and who would deploy 60 creates of them when obviously you have to pay them cash immediately when the officer of the company come to your pharmacy ? What to do now? We're in a half a million debt which must be paid soon~

08 June 02 - The Situation after the Cyclone Nargis hits Myanmar

We're done about the Earthquake in China , and now let's head to Myanmar . Thailand was allowed to dispatch their rescue force into Myanmar to help the civilians there, however, to their surprise, the situation there was far worse than what the government had announced. And these are the official pictures from the rescue team who had just returned from their trip . I've received a total of 47 pictures , but I decided to post just 9 of them so that the pictures wont overload your internet windows . (Update on this picture) I've received info regarding this picture, and it appears that the picture does NOT belong to the Cyclone Nargis's effect but rather, to the Tsunami in India that happened years ago . (** currykutu : i found the pic 5.jpg is belonging to india's tusnami instead of cyclone in Mymmar . pls take note. i got the album from india's tsunami. . ** ) I've picked 9 out of the 47 pictures that I received and it appears that one