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08 Nov 28 - Hey, what's this?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The PAD is still blocking all of the international airports in Bangkok, stalling and rendering the air transport 'dead.' Thousands of tourists are stuck in Thailand after their vacation and it severely affects the Kingdom's image in a negative way. Thai's commerce is dead and will be long dead. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An old friend who's still in Penang , contacted me during his trip to Hat Yai a few days ago. Well, he told me to add him in Friendster and provides me with a few way to access into his Photos, which would include the pictures of his class. This was taken last year, at the last year of his high school. Without a doubt, I notice 3 very familiar faces (they doesnt change), and another 2 familiar girls but I wasnt too sure if my guess was right. I've never been to the classroom, but I can guess that the

08 Nov 25 - PAD causes more trouble for Thailand

Sick of the mob. Anyways, to make it brief, the PAD had mobbed the entire Bangkok again, blocking roads to major areas and renders the road in paralysis. During the ASEAN meeting, the Singapore's official was asking the Thai's Prime Minister why road-politics prevails in Thailand . What a shame!

08 Nov 24 - Hat Yai Vegetarian's Festival

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not that old.. but it still catches my attention what-so-ever, so take a look. How to Look 5 Years Younger! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I posted of the Vegetarian's event in Hat Yai last Year as well. This year, I could take a look at the event in a close-up and the backstage as a friend of mine from the PSU was also an organizer. Last month, in Hat Yai, there was a celebration related to the Vegetarian's Week, where each participants is required to eat vegetables and wear white clothes for the week. The event is quite similar to cleansing one's self from sins, sparing the life of thousands of chickens (or pigs) that we eat daily. Just click on the picture for a larger version, where you can see that these guys are seriously piercing it across. The man is performing a dance, and you notice Pheng in the left side of the photo. He w

08 Nov 21 - Slipped from the Road

I've heard of bus accidents in Thailand everyday and I know how unorganized and their 'rude' way of driving are sometimes. Lucky I wasnt stuck in the accident, and at the same time, the passengers was lucky that it wasnt a serious accident.

08 Nov 17 - L S M B F

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How many of you actually things that Obama deserves the right to keep his BlackBerry ? Why not? It's a tool that could help him govern the States better, dont you think so? Click me to check out the article. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So to start. No names, so I'll state the people involved here as L , S , M , B and F . L (Female) is a the girlfriend of M (Male), both was separated in an inevitable event and both was never given a chance to know of where each other were. L Misses M to her heart's content and wishes to see M , but she doesnt know where to begin the search. B heard of it, and told L that he knows where M is, and volunteers to bring her to M for a price. However, the price is far too much for L to afford. L met S who soon offered to pay for the fees required to pay B in exchange for L 's virginity

08 Nov 16 - Backstabbing

You know the word "Backstabbed" Now I know the meaning of a "Backstabber" I wonder if they knows what "Backstab" means. But I'm sure they realize that they are "Backstabbing" Just a tale, shouldnt really stress on it, but oh well, maybe it's best forgotten.

08 Nov 12 - Loy Loy Krathong

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Both pictures are from my trip to the PSU in Hat Yai last year . The Post is here: 07-Nov-27 Roy Krakthong Festival ------------------------------------------------------------------------- How disappointing , I realized that I forgotten both my Camera and my Handphone on the way to Hat Yai's Public Garden. Well, I couldnt say much as it was my fault to be rushing to the Public Garden after being late for chatting in the Kenny's Cbox . We meet up with Phong, Tira, Khon and a few other Doctors , Pharmacists and the seniors before getting up for some investment related talks. Actually, we did another thing that my boss recently recommended me to. Four of us who were investors and was directly involved in the BLISS-TEL punting last year , wrote up the word " BLISS " in a piece of paper and together with the paper, we put in a 10 baht coin into the Krathong before setting them to sail

08 Nov 11 - New Car

I once posted that we got a new car since we was unable to continue with the license for our Mitsubishi Strada, thus is the main reason for us to be getting a new car. It was a decision to be getting the Honda Jazz which was quite famous at the time. The gear was an auto it was generally easier to drive than our old car, there's only a few downside where it could hardly run for an out-of-city use as it's light and not meant to run for an out-of-city use. The positive side would include that the smaller petrol tank means smaller hole for my wallter.

08 Nov 09 - Many things to fix

I was just back from an expedition last night, it's related to our pharmacist work regarding herb extraction and the likes. Life's still pretty much crooked due to the lack of time. Work ate up 10 hours per day, and other life events pretty much cuts me off from blogging. I should find the time to meet all the nice guys and girls :)

08 Nov 05 - Change has come to America!

Obama had won! The 44th President of the United States. This has been a big news for almost all of us. To be honest, I've always been on the Republican even for Bush 4 years ago. (I'd say that Bush is still a better President than the other) But when it comes to this year, as I always said, I'd rather choose a President based on the individual candidate than the party. And so, since the change will directly affects the world's economy, I had to keep a close watch on him and his policies. The First Black President, a history for the American! According to what I heard, Obama is born in Indonesia, he studied in Jakarta and had a father who is a Kenyan. I'd like to assume that our new President is capable of communicating in Indonesian language, thus it'd be an honor for me if I could meet and have a friendly conversation with him. Good luck to our new President and let's hope he could find a way to improve everything, the war, the world economy and the hot ea

08 Nov 04 - Temple on Car

Yes, it's actually a car, you can see the wheel if I take a closer shot at it. Where else can you see a temple on top of a car? Oh yes, sometimes, you can see monks sitting in them and going around the city to spread the teaching of the Buddhist. You can actually see this kind of events every year in Thailand. Enjoy yourself~

08 Nov 02 - My First Love... Revisited

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I found a rather interesting article in MSN, it's about our first love, just hope to share it with you guys. Original Topic: My First Love.... Revisited ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Five years after parting ways with her college crush, she texted him and proposed drinks. There was a dizzying rush when they reconnected, but perhaps that first love ended for good reasons… I fell hard for my college boyfriend. He was the kind of guy who read The Economist and had hot abs — the captain of the debate team in the prom king's body. As a recovering wallflower, I felt like I'd won the lottery when we got together. But in a year-and-a-half, he morphed into a controlling jerk, one who told me I should work out more and stop trying to sound deep. It was first love gone wrong, so I ended it. I was 21 at the time, with every chance of meeting so