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I just wants to point out that "Royal Property" does not mean that its the King's private property. "Royal Property" is the entire Royal Family's property, and not personal fortune. Many companies, if not almost all, are held under "Royal Property" and is managed by Ministry of Finance and Royal Treasurer,. I am guessing that since by name since the King is the head of the Royal Family, the "Royal Property" was calculated into the King's Private Property by, which is.. absurd.  Part of the article can be rad here: -------------------------------------------------------------------- In our latest instalment of In Search of Trillionaires, we are turning our attentions to another monarch. If the wealth of Queen Elizabeth II intrigued you, the glorious gems and treasures covered

New Year Party in Koh Lipe

Out of city, back to the beach!   Starting our trip with a picture.   Taking a small walk around the beach. Night time with our lead singer! Plakhem! Will blog the detail soon!

Central World New Year Celebration in Bangkok

I did not take this picture, but the picture is credited to the one who took it. This is actually happening in Bangkok, its full of people, great! Happy New Year to everyone! May 2015 be a great prosperous for us all! My resolution this year would be, to start reading more and more books!