07, Aug 25 - Passage to Had Yai, the biggest Southern Fashion Show of Thailand

Was busy thus why I dont have the time to upload these pics.

I ended up taking about 200+ pictures and just choosing which is good enough to post and which isnt already gets me frustated.

Wasnt any ceremony this time, I arrived at around 6pm, and the event started at around 7pm. Wasnt in a hurry so I had the time to go around looking at all of the preparations.

Where I was supposed to sit... Wait a sec, who stole my seat this time ? (Hint : He's posing.)

The event started at around 7pm, after the preparation for the stages are set.
I dont wonder why there's so many audance considering there are over 80 models here tonight.

Our 2 opening DJ, from Virgin Hits FM Radio (They claimed to be have the most audiance in Bangkok).

Could get close to them when they are interviewing our 5 VIPs.

At 8pm, after a long introduction about what the purpose of the event is for, the same announcer, our lovely Ke Jullada appeared and announces the schedule for our event.

And the event started :

To be honesnt, I dont think I could really post all of the details and comment because I'm short of time, but I'd like visitors to just enjoy the pictures.
Looks like the first 30min is dedicated to the Western Model.

(Muscle, too bad I'm not into muscles.)

(I really liked this shot. Looks like a twin this way.)

(Another similar shot)

(After a 30min, local models' face can be seen.)

(I wonder if I can find those clothes she's wearing. Looks cute!)

(Women army model!)

(Do the guys actually stands behind her because of her expression ?)
I actually liked this, reflects the power of women.

(Westerner : What are you looking at ?)

(Another girl with an interesting style, I want!)

(I dont need to describe what this means anymore.)

And that ended half of the event.
This definately is what every guys are waiting for.

Cheering and whistling can be heard, wanna know why ?

(Sorry guys, I have to put this no matter what. =P)

It was quite short though, I'm not sure why as local models doesnt engage in the Swimsuit model.

And the last part of the event are, painted humans, same format as how it was on the conference.

He's bringing that "Passage to Had Yai 2007."

(Painted, looks quite real though.)

(Yup another one.)

(Same woman, same condition, just a bit different.)

(Butterfly term, with a lot of brand name products.)

(One of the Organizers.)

And the closing ceremony.

(Presenting the VIPs with wines.)


(Wait... waaa.. fire.. ?)

(Something fell in front of me..)

(Wines were served, none for reporters though.)

(And with that, the end of the "Had Yai Fashion Show 2007 - Passage to Had Yai.")

(I'm pretty sure we know who she is, I was given the chance to take a close up on her. She isnt as fair as how she was at the Miss Thailand contest though which is.. wierd.)

(Rare to see an Organizer working out by himself instead of sitting at the VIP seat right ?)

I dont know how I get this pic, but it's rather interesting.

There are over 200+ pics taken, but obviously, I couldnt upload them all here, and about 50% of them should be failed pics..

This is actually my first official journey as a press, but somehow, I'm not too impressed by the treatment press gets at the event.

Maybe next time ?


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