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08 Dec 31 - The end of 08

The final day for the 08. It's fast isnt it? Time flies too fast when you are waiting, but when it comes to actual demonstration, it feels that I lack of time. I posted about my Celebration Last Year I still remember my resolution for the year, getting my first million . A year had passed, an I accomplished a little around 20% of it, erm.. However, I'm sure that the lesson and experienced I learned this year would lift me up to my target next year! It's 31st, and this is what I've been doing. Working, yes, I'm still working as the boss forbids us to take a leave. This place, does not allows the employee to take a day off on public holidays, which violates the labor laws. But of course, since the big boss is a friend of my mom, it's more to a request, only in term of speaking. Putting that aside. We just celebrated it with a few friends outside, a little coffee here and there.. And finally, there's a gift from a special someone. :) Thank you!! God Bless and

08 Dec 30 - A Day before New Year

Hat Yai had been in preparation for a big New Year Party in the city. You can easily notice of the hard work. They sent about 200 trainee on various of tourism areas to clean up the place before setting up stages for the concert and the likes tomorrow. Well, it's somewhat nice to know that even with the sub-prime domino, we're still receiving lots of tourists from the nearby country. Enjoy :)

08 Dec 26 - บุกบ้าน เนโกะ จัมพ์

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cant believe Thailand had a new minister who said that illegally seizing the airport is "fun". So yeah... blocking the airport, disrupting travels and causing billions of loses is "fun?" God... Someone drag this guy out of his chair... " Click here for Story " --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just some pictures which was sent to me and I was requested to 'on air' it. And oh, the twin are Neko Jump. I dont know much about them, so I wont say anything about it. นางทีระสงมาครับ

08 Dec 24 - Christmas Eve Party

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who are better drivers? Men or Women? The answer is in this MSN News! Who Are Better Drivers: Men or Women? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's Christmas Eve isnt it? Anyways, work still had to go on. I was disappointed at work as well due to the insult that was thrown at me. Putting the pharmacy aside.. It's Christmas Eve, and as usual, there's celebration around the city wishing the King to have a good health. People in mass from various of villages attends the ceremony. Of course, I'm included together with a few of the group members. (Everyone soon took of their coats, and unleashes their camera. ) Oh, and not forgetting these yellow flowers everywhere! Merry Christmas, and let's strive for a better year ahead!

08 Dec 21 - Homeless Jedi

No credit for me. Anyways, I wonder if this guy is actually homeless.. It's just a question whether I'll be happy whenever I'm homeless. Haha.

08 Dec 16 - Cleaning After Flood

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Foreign Accent Syndrome for Beginners How a brain injury in rare instances can impact pronunciation, intonation and inflection. Please visit MSN News: FAS For Beginners ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you were reading my old entry about the flood last week, here's another picture 2 days after the flood. You can still spot the leftovers around, even on the trees.. Compare the difference by yourself. Oh, and yes, someone was drowned in this very same place on the day of the flood.

08 Dec 15 - Iraqi Journalist Throws Shoes at President Bush Over Iraq War

In the News: Bush's Iraq-Afghan farewell tour marred by dissent (Yahoo! News) KABUL, Afghanistan – President George W. Bush wrapped up a whirlwind trip to two war zones Monday that in many ways was a victory lap without a clear victory. A signature event occurred when an Iraqi reporter hurled two shoes at Bush, an incident the president called "a bizarre moment." But the president's message on progress in the region was having trouble competing with the videotaped image of the angry Iraqi who hurled his shoes at Bush in a near-miss, shouting in Arabic, "This is your farewell kiss, you dog!" The reporter was later identified as Muntadar al-Zeidi, a correspondent for Al-Baghdadia television, an Iraqi-owned station based in Cairo, Egypt . Also in YouTube Taken from: YouTube Video An Iraqi journalist throws his shoes at President Bush out of contempt for Bush over the Iraq war. "It's the end," the journalist yelled as he hurled both of his shoes a

08 Dec 14 - The Next Princess (เจ้าหญิงคนต่อไป)

------------------------------------------------------- Did you see the beautiful comets last night? I hope your dream comes true! -------------------------------------------------------- I've been quite busy so there lacks of an update, but expect one soon. Oh and not forgetting, this is my favorite song, one that I still remembers till now. Taken from: Bissonic Automatic Lyrics: ศิลปิน : บลิสโซนิค ชื่อเพลง: เจ้าหญิงคนต่อไป อัลบั้ม: Automatic เนิ่นนานที่ฉันยังแปลกใจ เหตุใดเจ้าหญิงต้องรอเจ้าชาย แล้ววันหนึ่งตัวฉันได้มีโอกาสได้เดินเข้าไป ข้างในปราสาทที่มีเจ้าหญิง ถูกขังอยู่บนหอคอย ด้วยเวทย์มนต์ที่เหมือนไม่มีเหตุผล ของใครสักคน และต้องทุกข์ทน จนกว่าที่จะมีใคร ใครสักคน ต้องทนอีกนานแค่ไหน ต้องทนอีกนานเท่าไหร่ แล้ววันหนึ่งก็มีเจ้าชาย ที่ไม่เกรงกลัวกับอันตราย กวัดแกว่งดาบคู่กาย หมายจะทำลายคำสาป ทันใดที่เจ้าหญิงได้ยินดังนั้น ก็วิ่งออกไป ที่ริมระเบียง หวังเพียงที่จะได้พบ เจ้าชายที่รอมาแสนนาน การรอคอยคงจบวันนี้ พอทีกับความทรมาน เจ้าหญิงรอคอยเจ้าชายอยู่บนนี้ รอคอยเจ้าชายมาเนินนานเต็มที วันน

08 Dec 10 -A Near-Flood in Hat Yai

I once blogged of the heavy rain last week. An official announcement was made by the officials for the citizens of Hat Yai to immigrate to a higher area. Mr. Phlay Pattano, the Mayor of Hat Yai had ordered to 'spill' the water dwelling in the Hat Yai rivers to the villages outside of Hat Yai. It's good to the people in Hat Yai... because.. Boss was ready to close the pharmacy early, the employees took the trouble to empy all drugs near the 'floor' to prevent any damage to those drugs. All other store owners outside were also ready to immigrate. Around noon, it was decided that the pharmacy was closed early. Upon my way home, I noticed that one of the road tunnels turned into a huge swimming pool.. There's even kids jumping from the other side of the road down into the pool. Upon browsing around.. I thought I saw a dead body.. And he's been there for quite a while without moving.. Police was around the area, but none were approaching the man to recover the bo

08 Dec 05 - Long Live King Bhumibol Adulyadej!!

It's the King's Birthday today, and officially the National Day and the Father's Day for Thailand. Although the King was too sick to give the annual speech, we all wishes for him to recover and have a healthy live to lead us out of this mess. More articles would be here: CNN-King Bhumibol's Birthday ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thailand's ailing king on Thursday failed to deliver his traditional birthday speech, which many Thais had hoped would help resolve the country's political paralysis and unify a divided nation. Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn went on national radio to inform Thais that King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who turns 81 on Friday, was unable to deliver the speech "because he was a little sick." "The king has said to thank (you) for the wishes given out of loyalty. He wants to return the good wishes. He wants everyone to have strong mental and physical health to perform their duties for

08 Dec 03 - Flood in Hat Yai

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The mob had been disbanded after the government's political party was considered 'illegal' by the High Court. Everything in Thailand is back to normal ' for now .' The airport is open once again. SET sky-rocketed in the morning but it went down from a positive 6% to a 2%. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It rained for weeks already in Hat Yai, and last Saturday, I was in need to join a scheduled meeting with my friends. Just look at the picture, the whole association had become a swimming pool.