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10 March 30 - Infected by Win32:Kates-AH [Trj]

Computer's performance seems pretty poor. I still have plenty of work on my hand.. I've been wondering why I couldnt upload images up to photobuckets... It seems kinda clear though. Inevitably, I still have to format my Desktop but I'll have to do it after I returned from my trip to Phuket. Time's so precious.

10 Mar 22 - NEC Flashback

Erm no excuse for the late blogging.. But I'm sharing a few pictures until I'm free enough to blog for a longer post in the future. These are part of the few Last Days in the First Session of the NEC. I'm actually busy doing the Business Plan for our new Manufacturing Company that will be established in 3 years. Had other people checking on all the machinery we need, it's quality, competitor check and so on.. But ahh, time just flies so fast, need to finish this in 3 days before the local appointment with the Banks for check up for our updates.

10 Mar 14 - SET in the City Hat Yai

I was bugged by a few emails and SMSs from the TSI. There's a Stock Market seminar held in Hat Yai today. I've en errand to run in the afternoon, so regardless, I can only attend only the first half. It's the 3rd time I attended a seminar in the Conference Room in PSU, not too bad I say.. They're still keeping things very organized. At 10pm, the opening ceremony begin. It started with the Nora style Dance, famous in the Southern Thai region. After the opening ceremony, by the Vice President of TSI and the Mayor of Songkhla, a 3 men interview was held. Basically, they leads to the simple conversation and their opinions on how the global recovery is. The environment outside.. I met a few familiar faces, including 2 of my brokers and other investors.. Kao was here, sitting in the VIP seat, representing the RueSaeng Jhim Investment Inc. There's also people from the bank, who's familiar with me. Too bad I gotta leave early, according to Phong, he arrived in the after

10 Mar 10 - วัดหาดใหญ่ใน

Was browsing through my Digi Cam. Anyways, here's a picture of a famous Temple called Wad Hat Yai Nai. วัดหาดใหญ่ใน Actually, I havent been there for quite a while ever since I headed for the NEC Course, it's kinda.... awkward. I should focus on my Medical Entrance and work sometime. There's just these dark feelings now... Lots of work for me even without my daily routine.. I'm just surprised... Gah..

10 Mar 7 - Business Plan

Like what I twitted... It's just that, ever since I was pressured to leave RTN , things had been busier ... My income is still stable thanks to both our investment firm and Oriental Pharma Co., LTD. but we're focusing on expansion soon. Since I have free time, I'm doing most of the work now, it wont take long before I'll have to give the authority to Phong again as I'm heading for a second Bachelor on Medical Degree next year. Which comes to a question... Why did I even choose Pharmaceutical in the first place ? An hour to check a 32 pages Business Plan then heads to bed.......... Cheers~

10 Mar 01 - Chameleon

It's been pretty quiet all these week, we're still focusing in our new entrepreneurship status. As for me, I have more free time than usual, but it doesnt seem to satiate me in anyway. Just yet... Feels meaningless in some way as well... A partial examination had passed, but I still gotta focus on my license next year. Furthermore, Medical entrance approaches in 6 months. Cant seem to focus on anything, lack of motivation, lack of resolve and determination.. Sigh. We're still in an important errand though, it's a discussion with a lawyer. The topic is to claim my right according to the Thailand's Labour Protection Law. Mom's greatly against this after her "fortune-telling" card came off bad. I hate to rely on these "fate-telling" games, but after I was forced to participate, mine turns out average.. Regardless, it puts no pressure to stop me from claiming my right. I'll rethink the pros and cons, the money isnt much anyways, but it's