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10 Jun 25 - Old Folk's Home in Taiwan

--------------------------------------------------------------- People really come and go.. Cant believe the person whom you supported and helped could have forgotten the people who helped her during the ordeal. Humanity, is indeed the most unpredictable creation... --------------------------------------------------------------- These are something I received from a friend of mine. It's an old folk's home in Taiwan. Looks pitiful.. The environment is horrible, and I'm surprised to see that Thailand's Old Folk's home is better in quality. However much, I hope everything is alright there.

10 Jun 25 - Road Accident

Off work... But I still have work to do. I'm not in shape to do much after a recent accident. Recently bought a motorbike after almost 3 months of driving, and this is what I get for not paying attention to the stone in the middle of the road. I'm injured on both of my hands, both elbows and right knee. With the knowledge I have, I dont think it's necessary to head to a doctor. However, some said that there's another reason why I dont like to go to the doctor. I, myself, is not sure how true it is. However, I'm taking a close analysis on my wound for improvements. If it fails to shape up in 72 hours, I'll head up for injection. Hopefully Gentamicin and Amoxy-Clav will assist me for a faster improvement so I can get back to work. :) Thanks to the people who assisted me during the incident.

10 June 18 - Busy

One word... Busy.. I'm actually gonna Master my pharmaceutical skill so I have to start reading my books once again, not to mention that I might head over for Scientific Bachelor because my Pharmaceutical degree doesnt qualify me for Nano Specialist. Gah~ I'll need to blog more..

2010 June 11 - World Cup

Weee~~ I've been so busy that I lack of time to blog. Anyways, it's the World Cup festival. Since I was just back from watching with a few friends, I gotta say that it's the first soccer match that I watched this year. 2010 FIFA World Cup™: Latest Matches South Africa 1 : 1 Mexico - Recap Upcoming matches: Uruguay vs. France - 12 Jun 1:30am (Thailand Time) South Korea vs. Greece - 12 Jun 6:30pm (Thailand Time) Argentina vs. Nigeria - 12 Jun 9:00pm (Thailand Time) England vs. United States - 13 Jun 1:30am (Thailand Time) Algeria vs. Slovenia - 13 Jun 6:30pm (Thailand Time) Serbia vs. Ghana - 13 Jun 9:00pm (Thailand Time) Germany vs. Australia - 14 Jun 1:30am (Thailand Time) I'm looking forward for the England vs United State tomorrow. Oh my~ Gotta rearrange my timestable so I can head out somewhere. Cheers~