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10 Aug 12 - Work Trip to Langkawi


My eyes are naturally, dark brown, some even goes as far as commenting that it's dark red... Whether they are mocking me or not.... I wanted a lighter red, however, since I couldnt find any...

Never wore any lenses to be honest, since the procedure relied heavily on the hygiene of the user. I must analyze more before I started using these lenses.
Any advise appreciated.


2 Weeks ago, I had to travel to Langkawi for some work analysis.

I was informed a week prior to the trip and all preparations had to be done in a rush.

No clue how Langkawi is though... Personally, I'd even go to the extend that I'd prefer to be sent to Pulau Pinang instead. [Personal reason, yeah..]

So yeah, all I received was a phone call from a government agent inquiring of the time and date, and the information that I received from them is mainly where we'll be he…