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The End for "Thai Rak Thai"

Some company had set up a survey or something regarding the safest country in the World between 126 countries : 1st was Norway , and there was Japan , Australia and Switzerland in the top 10. Iraq was the 126th or the last, and Thailand was 105 (or 115). Iran (Which as 9 USA Cruisers Holding Grounds outside their sea) and Venezuella (Which has over 10,000 people mob in their capital) are considered to be " safer " than Thailand. After a total of 5 hours 32 minutes of sitting in the court (and falling asleep) . The verdict was announced at 11.50pm regarding "Thai Rak Thai" 's and the authorities inside. I was asleep at around 9pm till 11pm and when I woke up, the judge was still reading out 54 page regarding the case. The verdict was announced at 11.50pm, that : - Thai Rak Thai hired "smaller" political parties to aid them in winning election in some area. - Thai Rak Thai ex Leader, Thaksin Shinnawat, sold Shin coorperation without paying the tax

Thailand "Huge" Politic Day

Today was a huge day for politic fans. Thailand's 2 biggest Political Party, "Prakjadipat" and "Thai Rak Thai" will recieve their verdicts after getting accussed by their opposition parties. Prakjadipat and 1 more political parties : - Accused of hiring "small" political parties to accuse "Thai Rak Thai" of illegal election action. - Accused of destroying the independence state by creating mob and joining with Sondik Limthongkun in their mob to force Thaksin to get out of the country. - Accused of illegally stopping several "Thai Rak Thai" politician in Songkhla from registering in the election on September 2006. - More and more (Up to 8) , but I think these 3 is enough to get Prakjadipat broken and judged together with their leaders. Thai Rak Thai and 3 more political parties : - Accused of hiring "small" political parties to participate in the areas that "Thai Rak Thai" are bound to get lesser than 20% of total

"High Season" Bombed Today

Thailand goverment's banning a lot of websites, including and Why cbox when I need it ? *Is getting pissed* At 2pm, I recieved news saying that Had Yai's "High Season" Motel was bombed. High Season, which is located in Had Yai's Major Office district recieved major damage after a guy throws a bomb right into the Motel. I didnt have time to follow the news as I was working, thus I'm unclear about the casualties rate. The news about Had Yai bombing seems to be kept secret by the police and goverment, so unless you're a local citizen here, you wont know what's happening. I cant help but think how Had Yai will be in several months from now. I'm just curious why the goverment has no capabilities to do any real security method. If the military CAN withdraw 100million baht every 3-4 months, why cant they even provide the Privates with Kevlar Armors for protections ?

Had Yai Terror Attack !

I was on General when my boss told me that Had Yai was bombed. Approximately 9.20pm. There was electrician in the house so I couldnt go out to look for the casualties. There was a total of 7 Bombs. According to local news (Which is totally independent), there was 6 bombs in trash cans in 5 different areas, 1 "Demolition Byke" and a bomb was thrown into the famous "JB Hotel" 's lobby. Another area that was bombed was Tesco Lotus, due to the strict security in Lotus, the bomb was planted outside, at the bus stop in front of Lotus. My brother heard of the explosion as he was still on work during the incident. Although the bombing had occured in 7 different areas, it is wierd why they doesnt aim at the "heart" of the city. Police assumed that the bombing was probably caused to instir chaos. Earlier, when I was departing for work, the sight of tourist carrying their bags and clothes can be seen everywhere, which I assume that they are going back to their ho

Thailand's version of "Virginia Tech Killing" ?

3 days ago, a 20+ teen was killed by police after injuring 4 people and killing 4 others with his "Laser-equipped AK-47". At first, the police said : "This guy seems to be unable to control his emotions. Security guard found his bag suspicious so they inspected him. This guy resisted and stabbed one of the guards with a knife. This guy reveals his "Laser-Pointed AK-47" and starts shooting at us when we arrived. The reason why he's able to shoot accurately is due to the laser pointer, which enables him to calculate and aim accurately. It a pure luck, this guy might have rampaged in the market and shot everyone if the guards couldnt found his weapons." He still has other dangerous weapons in his rooms as well, which includes, Katana, Shurikens, Spears and others. 2 days later : The police had assumed that the guy was actually a bodyguard for an underground car-stealing organization and that he was guarding 2 other members from getting caught. The evidenc

The true meaning of ISP

An official letter from TOT (A goverment's telephone company, one of the biggest). Now I know what ISP truly means.

First Music Note

Getting pretty busy as Malaysia's first term are near soon, which means that more customers will come to visit our pharmacy... It's a good thing, and a bad thing. I wish buyers does not lie and stop being annoying like bargaining to death. If you dont like the lowest price we can give you, get the hell outta our pharmacy !! *coughcoughstressedcoughcough* Anyways I was given the first note today xD For the first 5 days learning, this one's pretty tough, but I dont plan on moving forward slowly, so this is good enough. I learned G, C, Dm, and Am Chords on Wednesday, and I self taught the other 2 chords from the books in my class. Now since I actually get most stuff in here, I need to do it practically xD *Goes to practise*

First Day of Music Class

Music : I wasnt too interested in music when I was 8. During the time, I was still studying in a school that gives proper and serious music lessons but since we was on Electric Piano, it focuses on theory. Obviously I lost interest in it, not sure if that's the main reason or not. After 4-5 years passed, I wanted to have a serious music lesson, but the new school that I was in arent really focusing on musics. Furthermore, the teacher only focuses on "advanced" students who knows basics of music, so people like us, who doesnt have a clue about notes, and theories, are left behind with the "redorder" lessons. About 3-4 months ago, I discovered a famous music school, but the costs was too high. Aproximately 33% of my income for the first month and 25% after that. It was a music school led by Yamaha. The school is "nice", very much like those expensive music schools outthere, with air-conditions and stuff. Sadly, you only get 1 hour lesson per week which I

Regarding Thailand's "special" attention

US Organization had put Thailand into the "special" category. Pretty sure everyone heard about this. Because I work right under the "medication" or "drug" category, so this affects me indirectly. I'll go short in of the effect from the event if you're still wondering about the effect : - Exporters will have problem negotiation, customers from outside the country will refuse to import from Thailand. - This will worsen the already bad economy of Thailand. As an investor in the stock market as well, this directly affects me. - Political issue. Yes, this has somehow raised a political issue in Thailand. As usual, opinions can be sent to me as usual.