Mother's Day

It's Sunday, and Mother's Day as well.

Thailand had the Mother's Day as the Queen's Birthday, which is today, the 12th August, 2007.

My bro was expecting to be able to celebrate our Mother's Day by giving (Mom and me) a treat at several restaurants, both morning and evening meal.

It was rare for my bro to give us a big treat like this, so although I'm not really into food, I decided to tag along.

Sad news was, on Saturday, my boss requested his Mother to talk to me and asked me to work full-time today. So I had to go on a usual routine, 7.30am - 5pm.


Anyways I didnt take any photos but it was quite ok trip, except I can get fat if this happened often.

Kinda short for an update, but it's 12am and I'm tired.

Invintation to attend the Southern Region's Cultivation Event in University of Prince Songkhla as well tomorrow.



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