19 Aug 07 - The last day of the Cultivation Event


Thai Law Voting Result :
People already knew that most of Thai citizens wants peace, that's why this voting will be a success, but the question was, "How much ?"

Green's obviously vote for "Yes", Red's vice versa.
The first white letter on the left means "Region", followed with "Bangkok" , "Central", "North", "Ihsan" and "South."

The place where I am hates the Thai Rak Thai, thus why the Southern Region gets like 86% "Yes."


As that day was the last day of the Exhibition, everything will be CHEAP !

Yes, cheap, because every hawkers will start clearing their items and prepares to go back to their homes, outside the cities.

This time, it's easier to find a place to park the car, but the bad thing was..

(It rained.)

No umbrella preparation in the car.. And we're all wet, I was protecting my digi cam with my life.

(Fancy entrance isnt it ?)

The rain drop cant be seen, I wonder why.
It's pretty wet though.

Lots of people inside.
Too crowded and dangerous to take out my digi cam, and furthermore, my hands are full.

To be honest I was pretty much in a bad mood, I'm wet, yet Mom's still shopping for her Plants slowly.

We slowly looked for somekind of sweet smelling flower that Mom wanted.

Upon reaching this picture, Mom analyzes at the flowers before heading to another direction

Lots of flowers, but none really got my interest, I was tired..
Though I had lots of spare time to take pics, although my hands was full, by this time, the rain had nearly stopped.

There was an -obviously- proffesional photographer, his fully equipped black Canon EOS 30D.

I dare not take a picture of him, other than exchange smiles, he doesnt look like an ordinary old man.

He was taking pictures of the flowers, and I was beside him, watching what he did and after he left, I did what he did.....

(Photo immitation)

(Photo immitation)

After Mom bought more trees I decided to drag her to the Animal zone before she shops for more plants.. My hunch somehow told me that it'll rain again as well.

Fish, fish, yeah for our fish pond.

("Mom I want this fishy!"
"No, they'll eat our small fishes.")

(They told us to net whatever we want. But obviously, there's lobsters there as well, I asked if we can have those lobsters, but Mom said they'll die easily.)

So well, we bought fishes, lots and lots of plants, and went back home.
Still wet, my mood's a bit better but we still had some arguement while going back home, honestly I know that I should be a bit cooler at time.

Anyways, my favourite spot in the exhibition was :

But sadly, it was raining, thus why I was unable to -sit- there.

According to the information I recieved, next year's Cultivation Exhibition will be held somewhere in the mid-June. I find this cultivation exhibition interesting, but it's just too crowded, if only there's better area managements..

By next year, I'm sure I'll have the courage to take more photo than what I did this year.

Stay tunned~


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