The Birth of a Cute Panda (1)

While wondering how Panda got their eye shadow, I saw this :

Ok, ok, for some reason I know that isnt possible for cutie Pandas unless they did that in their dream and the result surfaces in reality.

Today, I'll be posting the life of a cute panda, from how it's born.

Oh please note though, there's no picture on how the Mama Panda gave birth to the baby Panda. How I wish I have the chance to see the event.

When I first looked at the picture, I was like, "What? This isnt a Panda.."
On closer look, Mama panda can be seen laying down.

Then Mr.Doctor cleans the baby's mouth with a mini towel.

And umm, I guess cleaning the whole body is needed.
I'm wondering if this Panda's a male or a female, I dont know the difference in Panda.

A cute candle toy.
I wonder how it sounded.

This post seriously made it looked like a werewolf howling at the Moon (Hospital's Light).

And it slept.
Notice the black eye thinggy is starting to appear.

Wee~ The body's starting to get designed, and more hairs and hairs.
It's still "high" though.

And so we gotta leave it alone in the ward.
Followed with last picture of the day.

It's so small, cute, and fluffy, I mean, soft !!
Uhh no though, that wasnt me who held it, and this photo wasnt taken by me, but this photo's found by : LoOkKaEW . Credit goes to her !

Panda are close to extinction, so I hope everyone would help them and the world by not cutting any trees, or wasting anything that's made from the trees.
If everyone plants a tree, then this world wont be hot anymore.

"If" was the key again.


Anonymous said…
OMG OMG OMG creeeeeeeeepy.

Reminds me of the baby panda i once saw.

aclj87 said…


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