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10 May 30 - Slipping into Time

It's been quite a while ever since I last blogged. I've been pinned down to mainly onto our Pharmaceutical Company and Stock Researching. Furthermore, we've recently jumped into Gift Shop Business, and we're still analyzing of further possibilities in the Hat Yai Market. Even so, information and the already made assessment are needed. Together with my partner, I had to enter the PSU to request for a few details, including a few data that they have, which are open to public. The result was... rather disappointing, considering the authorities who received my Document did not hand it up to the higher management, she instead, tried to handle it on her own and... failed miserably, and gave us a rather useless information. 3 hours wasted in the University, and I'll have to rewrite the Document and hand it to the Head Management myself to prevent any problem such as this to occur. During our way back... There's always interesting to observe the environment, and natural

10 May 22 - Red Shirt Massacre

There's have been a huge protest against the Thai Government.. The protest holds the Symbol Color of the Red Shirts. And is also known as, the exiled ex-Prime Minister Thaksin's Shinawatra's Supporter. These protesters demands the present government, Aphisit Vejajiwak to step down from being the Prime Minister. The protest had been going only for a only few weeks... but nonetheless, numerous of chaos spreads.. These includes bombings in several areas in Bangkok. Who were responsible for the chaos is unknown.. A few days ago, there was an order from the Prime Minister Aphisit to resolve the protest, even by force... Soldiers were dispatched to completely clear all the areas from the Red Shirt protesters.. Even if it means, by force... It was a counter measure after the Red Shirts had broken through various of Police Barricades to seize a few important Government Headquarters. The Government, retaliates, by issuing curfew, and.... promising to "clean" the entire are

10 May 14 - Danger Sense the pain are born

----------------------------------------- Thai Government are dispersing the anti-government protest. Guns, Tanks, Missiles.. The Government even uses snipers to assassinate a protest leader. Using all capabilities at hand, they made sure that no news are spread... Democratic huh? ----------------------------------------- Found this note I wrote, I wonder where I got it... Just for the sake of blogging, Imma write this down until I know who wrote this. Clusine the than thou lest tempted, Is the thought from honest gentlemen, Morning of love and esteem at portage, Quick danger plain the born sense, Should the cheque say so "1 age", Quick taps soon entered, enchanted on foot, Such a fair unaimable alligiance, The 1 agreeable band group, Politeness at a solid aure, At the quo of the spirit, druid and sage, To your intelligence awe la debate, Bless the clusine..

10 May 11 - A few Tip to Phuket

Was on my way home when I saw this... Poor Dog.. I wonder what happened Anyways it really looks like how I am at the moment.. I have no time eh, just customer's inquiry is enough to keep me pinned in office for 4-6 hours. Saturday and Sunday are full of various of events, lectures etc. etc. Gonna open a gift shop together with a friend, so we'll see how it'll go..