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13 May 22 - Download RO2 "Ragnarok2_ver1.4.exe"

Yeah... It's a pain in the a*** when you cant find the link and all the Playpark links are down for some reason.

After like, 10 hours of searching, and even spending the night on 5am, I found that you can download it from here:

Torrent doesnt work, there's no seeder, but the direct link is good.

Please credit me and enjoy RO2.

13 May 16 - Dr. Clark and Paramedic

Been recently looking into Metal Gear Solid videos and I was really wondering..

Why did Naomi refer Dr. Clark as a "he" in Metal Gear Solid (PSX)?
Do Kojima initially decide to have Dr. Clark as a "he"?

I still like para-medic better though.

13 May 16 - Rain

Raining all day in Hat Yai.
It rained whenever I'm about to go outside.

This sucks :/