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Why I support Trump.

Taken from a reddit page, I agree on most of the issue but I will cover most of the issues here soon: Reddit: Why I support Donald Trump He is not a politician, clearly. He is not a lawyer. He has not been paid of, it's his money. The 2 party system hates him. The corporate media hates him. He does not use a tele-prompter. He is against illegal immigration. ( I had to wait, all those that waited are upset w/ illegals cutting in line ahead) He is for protecting the borders (lets keep our side nice, and not have a shit show) He says what he thinks. He has no hidden agenda. He allows for self defense for those who had a background checks and no meds. Hurray for The Bill of Rights. He appears agnostic. Wall Street hates him. Big pharma hates him. He understand that I feel un-safe around potential terrorists or felons. (real Muslims that I know don't want Isis in town, I don't understand what the 'media-muslims' want other than give them ice cream.