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09 July 29 - Eclipse? สุริยุปราคา

A few days ago, there was this eclipse wasnt it?
I'm not sure what it's exactly called in English, but Thais called it สุริยุปราคา

I wasnt able to see it live as it was all cloudy in the morning... (Was never really attracted to astrology, but this is something I'd like to see from my sky, not the TV's)

Gotta wait till next year...

09 July 26 - Babies for Dummies Part: Final


Horrible day..
It was going to be one fine day, but the Mother and Daughter ruined it.
They wanted what others sold to me back and I got it back for them even though it got me in a big trouble. I was being sincere with the Mother and Daughter and now they said "They dont need it anymore."

I was like "What?!"

I paid to buy the stuff, now I gave them back the stuff and they said it's incomplete, and they dont want it at the same time it also got me in a huge trouble.

I'd think thrice before helping these Mother and Daughter again, or maybe never..


09 July 23 - Dummy's Guide to Baby Sitting Part 2


09 July 19 - Dummy's Guide to Baby Sitting Part 1


Yellow shirt who opposes Thaksin's reign is on the move again when the police are trying to deal with them for blocking both airports and disabling hundreds of flights last year.
Yellow shirt had announced that they did nothing wrong by blocking both international airports in Thailand and causing thousands of tourists to get stranded in Thailand. At the same time, the damage in economy is unmeasurable.

PAD are above the law indeed!!


No word's needed, the picture explains by itself haha..

15 July 09 - More Blackhole Pictures

In leisury time, one can say that I dont really have much time to blog now, I'll be heading back to college soon and it's back to books and all these studies.. X> Math though..

Haha Cheers..

09 July 12 - The Darkness of Space


We're in the process of taking down the market's ruler, Siang Pure Oil.
It's 9.30pm and I was just back home from the experiment.

Hopefully, what we're not doing will not be in vain..
Haha, I've faith in the higher management of RKB anyways.


Emptiness, the darkness, endless bound of space..

3 things that humans cant (or rather, still cant) manipulate..
One of them is space, the eternal darkness of infinite area, it's limitless, it's unbound by any rule, it kills when needed.

Space are infinite..

09 July 08 - Broken?


Last night was Michael Jackson's Memorial, I could only watch the first 30 minutes before finally submitting to my body's will to sleep.. *Yawn* I cant express how I feel at all..

There's still Mystery over Jackson's final resting place though, better read the Yahoo! News if you're interested.


I was on my way to a nearby pharmacy to meet up with a friend, and I noticed..
One of the 'mini' park in Hat Yai's Central area had a broken port...

I wonder how long it's been, but I'm sure it's been left like that for quite a while..

Quality of life in Hat Yai... Hmmmmm...

I do sure enjoy living in Lab sometime though.

09 July 04 - How the Thais Recruit for National Service

I was accompanying a friend who had to serve the country, it was 2 months ago, and I had the chance to see how the Thais recruit soldiers for the National Service.

Not talking about the under-the-table stuff, but generally, it's held in public areas, such as temples, and municipal parks.

So you see, the place is very crowded, parents and guardians who were praying for their sons to be able to 'skip' the recruitment as Thailand is having a problem from both the Southern Terrorism and the Cambodia's Prime Minister's foul mouth in an attempt to invade the Thai's territory.

It was a long process, from various of attentions such as, whether the man is a 'shemale' or whether you have any defects or various..

What you're seeing is actually in temple, not in any cage or prisons, even though the angle may made it look otherwise..