09 April 30 - Midnight Songkran Party 09

Look at the crowd and spectators in the area! Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian and the Thais had blended into a single race, they dont communicate by language, instead, they communicate using their Water Guns.

It's hard to even step out of the Hotel properly, the place was just too crowded!

Around 10pm, we continued the water war into the Center of the stage, just in front of the Lee Garden and the Novotel.

The Hat Yai Municipal had arranged for unlimited water supply and various of 'war' zones for the festivals.

By the time we reached the area, everyone was wet, and I was partially 'wet', thanks to the consideration of the people there. They were shooting at my back instead of the front to avoid damaging my camera.

We moved out of the Lee Garden area to the Sai Soong area under my recommendation. It's normal for the Songkran Festival to have a Boxing matches every now and then, and we had hoped for this opportunity too.

The main stage lies further, where the old, and the little kids are playing, as well as where most of the reporters are. This area werent a 'war' zone, but there's occassional 'water gun shots' here too.

Regardless, when it was around 11.30pm, the center of attention was moved to the area in front of Lee Garden.

The area had turned into one big pub, filled with drunk parties, clubs and societies are here, the DJ himself seems to shake his head violently, and so are the people here. Didnt take long before we, started getting the rythim and prepared to dance with them.

Just as I was about to take another shot, someone 'splashed' my entire face with some water.

And tha t is when I start realizing the danger and threat there is for my IXUS. Anyways, a little partying is alright isnt it? Maybe I can say that was the biggest clubbing 'club' I've ever been. Haha, the music was loud and the screams of joy can be heard everywhere.

The downside is... I had a pretty bad headache on the next day, and I've to go to work as ever.



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