09 Apr 01 - ANJ Solution Type CO-01/A


With the AIG going bankcrupt, it looks like the ex-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra had decided to jump into the football business ownership once again. (He was once the owner of Manchester City)

"But yet again Thaksin Shinawatra, former PM in Thailand has shown his love for English football and surprised a few by stepping in as the new main sponsor of Manchester United. "

For more informations, please visit: Thaksin new Man U sponsor


Based on the topic 09 Mar 22 - Project ANJ0903

Another trip to the GreenTech Lab today, and after an extraction, we received a nice solution which is injectable.

The subject is widely extracted to get the "dark blue" color used in various of industries including the process of making foods, breads, cakes and so on.

The color extracting process is simple, but it cannot be injected.

This solution however (I took a 5 cc. sample), works as a sterile solution for injection.

A 5cc. sample of the ANJ Solution Type CO-01/A

Currently, although most results are out, we're still continuing the research and it'll take a few years before Global FDA approved this.
Research and volunteers are needed, and we'll conduct an official examination of the positive effect of the ANJ Solution soon.

A mass production is still on hold until the official result are out, and with the distributing channels the Oriental Pharma Co., LTD. have, to both hospitals and government medical society, it wont take long before Thailand (and soon the world) realizes the potential of the ANJ Solution.

Stay Tuned!

(PS. This has nothing to do with the April Fool.. and the solution is real.)


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