09 April 17 - Red Shirt Summary

Ever since the 12th, there were huge political changes in Thailand.
I was too busy with Songkran, both work and personal celebration.

I'll summarize what happened in Thailand, as well as revealing the 'undisclosed' pictures that was never been aired in Thailand.

12 April
Breaking News: State of emergency declared; ASEAN Summit collapses

Breaking News: State of emergency declared for Bangkok

Breaking News: Tanks, troops mobilsed in Bangkok

These happened in the morning when the military mobilized their tanks, I dont understand what's with the soldiers celebrating together with the protesters.

These pictures below happened on the evening, when the military launches a full scale dispersion.
Government claims that there werent any death, and they're doing it as 'gentle' as they can.


BANGKOK — Thousands of troops fired warning shots and tear gas to turn back rampaging anti-government protesters Monday night, forcing retreating demonstrators into one neighborhood where a clash with residents left two people dead.

Details at: The Huffington Post


13 April
Chaos reigns in Bangkok; At least 77 injured

Central Bangkok a war zone - Festive holiday is turned into a black nightmare
Abhisit says Govt nearly achieves goal to restore order
US condemns Thai violence by pro-Thaksin protests

No real bullets, according to the govenrment, but we see the hole in the taxi, it's obvious something is amiss.

Please keep in mind that all of the 8 pictures are "NOT" aired in Thailand TVs, as the government were on a total control of it.

They broadcasted only the damage the reds did, but not the damage the military did, to discredit the reds. (2 friends of mind were in the mob.)

Another breaking news after the violent dispersion was

14 April
Breaking News: Thailand revokes Thaksin's passport; issues arrest warrant

Videos: Thaksin Interviews On CNN and BBC

This is what happened yesterday, Aphisit was trying to get Thaksin back at all cost.

15 April
Breaking News: Thailand revokes Thaksin's passport; issues arrest warrant

So to say, I guess this conclude my summary on the incident.

Cheers, and hope the best for Thailand.


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