09 April 10 - Little Queen's broken

Royal Cliff Beach ResortI feel guilty now, Red Queen's days were wasted.

I just want her to be open enough and tell me that she needs my help, but she keep saying that I'm the one who needs help. Whether she's putting a mask for her psychology project or not, but I cant help to doubt her words when I hardly knows her.

Hey I'm here to help her with her project isnt it?

She obviously took the effort to convince me that she's helping me before she screamed on the phone and hang up.

Sigh~ Now I feel guilty, she gotta start all over again with her project.

Trying to implant the thought of science comes from God, and calculation, absolute precise calculation and the like, isnt scientific at all. Plus it's impossible to trust her when she 'lied' to me during the 6 hours treatment.

1 Hour after the 'fight.'


A friend told me when I discussed this with me.

"A psychologist needs to convince patient that they need help! Most patients dont think they need any psychology aid, but it is neccessary almost all the time. You have acted just like those patients who failed to realize their psychology illness."

And I was like 'what..?' I thought I discussed with her outside of her 'treatment' schedule and I sinceresly needs to know whether she still needs my help to finish her project, I've heavy work coming for Songkran...

Now what? She closes her handphone already.


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