09 April 25 - Songkran Water Festival '09


Chrysler’s Peapod: 2 cents per mile plus a smile

A green car that made the Earth smile, and no more petrol problem. Though it's slow, reasonable enough.


Due to the unstable politic, I noticed that all I blogged was about the mob and what the government did.

We skip that, and flashes back to the 12th, during the Thailand Songkran Festival, or also known as the Thailand Water Festival.

So to say, Hat Yai was so full of these Indonesia, Malaysian and Singaporean tourists. As an example, here's condition of the area where I work at during a normal season.

Normal Situation:

A few cars but with a steady flow all the time.

To compare with, this is how the traffic is during the Songkran Festival.

Wasnt too bad by the time I took this, but trust me, it's much more crowded.

So what have I been doing for the whole daytime?
I guess it's similar to what I've been doing last year.

It absolutely wasnt the best experience spending my time in the pharmacy while everyone else are happily engaging in the "Water War." There were lots of customers, and we almost had no time for anything, even lunch.

Be sure to wait for the night life though, that's where the fun is.

What's better than meeting up with old friends while celebrating one of their birthday here?

Check back later!


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